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2022 Apple Autumn Conference Finalized

Posting time:2022-12-06 01:10:51

2022 Apple Autumn Conference Finalized

In today's 1000 yuan to 2000 yuan mobile phones, if you want to avoid the Redmi King Kong series, it is a hooligan! who said it? I said! Especially in today's downgrade of consumption, people reduce consumption expectations but do not want to reduce the quality of "consumer objects". At this time, "real cost-effective" products are especially attractive. Take smartphones as an example, from brand image to product. The Redmi phone, whose design has been greatly improved, is really a refreshing change in the current smartphone market. Just like Redmi Note 11T Pro, the representative of Redmi's Little King Kong series this year, if I want you to plant a product like this, then I can find many reasons~ For example, the first "eye edge" that people need, From the design point of view, Redmi Note 11T Pro chooses the design of metal middle frame + ABS plastic material, the material is not too "high-end", but the manufacturer has adopted the trendy design of small vertical edges and the back of the fuselage that is curved on all sides + The unique camera Deco metal integrated process design greatly improves the texture, and the three color schemes are extremely "restrained" using light-colored solid colors to avoid the damage to the overall texture caused by messy color matching. If you think these are not enough to attract you, then it doesn't matter. Redmi Note 11T Pro and Astro have created a limited edition. By choosing Astro's semi-transparent image and applying a bouquet of flowers to the metallic feel, the Redmi Note 11T Pro can be made into a limited edition. The 11T Pro has a 100% replica design of Astro Boy's semi-perspective mechanical structure, thus presenting a naked-eye 3D-like three-dimensional effect. It can give you a very personalized sense of trendy design, no matter whether it is collected or held. The first "eye edge" of course also includes the look and feel of the screen and even the quality of the screen. This time, the Redmi Note 11T Pro did not blindly pursue the ultimate stacking of screen parameters, but did it between better battery life and sufficient screen quality. Optionally, it has a 6.6-inch high-end LCD screen with a hole in the center that supports full DC dimming. The parameters of this screen are very good! It chooses the mainstream 20.5:9 screen ratio, supports HDR10, has an ultra-high touch sampling rate of 270Hz, supports DCI-P3 wide color gamut, and 144Hz gaming-grade 7-speed variable-speed high-brush adjustment, regardless of the look and feel of daily interaction , with chirality and even screen color saturation and dynamic display effects, Redmi Note 11T Pro is very capable. When you are tired of various notch screens, tired of curved screens and various water drop screens, it may be from the edge of your eyes. A product with a screen quality that meets your needs! In fact, this screen surprises us far more than the surface parameters above! Taking its hardware-level color temperature sensor as an example, it can accurately capture the color temperature of ambient light, even if the color of the screen is adjusted, so that you can see clearly when it is bright, and protect your eyes and be comfortable when it is dark. A good screen may really not only It's just parameters, but different scenes can give us a sense of comfort, and Redmi Note 11T Pro has "realized" to this point. It's good~ It has a high-quality design, and it also has an excellent look and feel and parameters "playable" The screen, I believe many students will be worried that it is shrinking in the "core component", right? don’t worry! The Redmi Note 11T Pro is equipped with the Dimensity 8100 processor, which is a 5G sub-flagship chip that is only one level below the flagship processor. The manufacturer also arranged an iron-triangle combination of LPDDR5+UFS 3.1 for it, and provides heat dissipation. It adopts a three-dimensional cooling system composed of VC liquid cooling + 7 layers of graphite, so that its ultimate performance can be played smoothly and efficiently. Moreover, from the author's actual experience, although this chip still has some gaps with the top flagship chip in overall hardware performance, it is even better in power consumption control! Moreover, its heat control is also unparalleled - even without a powerful cooling system, you can trust the ability of the Dimensity 8100 processor. Supplemented by the 5080mAh high-capacity battery + 67W wired flash charging combination, there are almost no products in the same price range that can rival it in terms of battery life, remember! Even the flagship machine does not have a heavy battery life product that can compete with it~ everything is excellent. Although it is "slightly reduced" in the imaging system, a 64-megapixel ultra-clear main camera is paired with an 8-megapixel camera. Pixel ultra-wide-angle lens + a 2-megapixel macro lens with three rear cameras, supplemented by rich Xiaomi camera gameplay such as magic clone, magic replacement, AI beauty, 4K video, etc., you can believe that it is in daily shooting. The surprise brought to you - although it is not as good as the top-level imaging flagship mobile phone, it will also be a more realistic match in the price range. Judging from the performance of the proofs in each scene, the Redmi Note 11T Pro can be summed up by "supporting the edges" when taking pictures. Under the night scene proofs, its noise control is excellent, and the color of the proofs is transparent and saturated. You can't tell that this is a Take photos with a 5G mobile phone that costs about 2,000 yuan? ; Under the daily light, its color saturation is enough to please everyone, and the proofs are full of tension, it is impossible to see that this is a thousand yuan machine. Here comes the important part! The Redmi King Kong series finally ushered in the support of multi-functional NFC, including bus and subway cards and access control cards in 300+ cities. It's just basic operation, but it's not "compromising" at all. How about it? Perhaps it is not attractive enough except for the processor, its screen quality is not extreme enough, and its imaging system is not a top-level arrangement, but after various "compromises", it has created a very good battery life and performance experience. It, and, more importantly, you can get such a 5G sub-flagship phone that is "excellent" in all aspects for less than 2,000 yuan. Tell me, what other reasons can you find to reject it? ? Planting summary: If you are looking for a 5G mobile phone that does not exceed your budget in all aspects and does not exceed your consumption expectations, then Redmi Note 11T Pro can really be the most suitable choice for you at this moment!

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