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2022 Apple Autumn Conference Finalized

Posting time:2022-12-06 01:53:39

2022 Apple Autumn Conference Finalized

No matter what kind of mind you live in, Apple finally officially announced the final time of the iPhone 14 and autumn new product launch conference-that is, at 1:00 a.m. Beijing time on September 8. If nothing else, all the students who are concerned about Apple's mobile phones will have to stay up all night. . And one day before this day, friends and businessmen will also launch their own flagship responsibility-Huawei Mate50 smartphone after a lapse of two years. This time Apple's autumn new product launch is still in the form of online release, and according to convention, in addition to the new iPhone - iPhone 14, Apple Watch and the new iPad will be launched one after another, thus creating a new Apple terminal matrix. Let’s briefly interpret the “mindful thoughts” hidden in Apple’s poster of this conference, and maybe we can learn about the upcoming new products in advance: for example, the poster information this time may hint at multiple information points of the iPhone 14 – including Satellite connection, astrophotography, AOD screen display and even the design of "exclamation mark" full screen. In addition, the slogan of "super-forward-looking" may also imply that Apple's AR technology will go further and meet the needs of more practical scenarios. At least, "super-forward-looking" means that it is already a big step ahead of your friends. ! Let's first talk about the impact of the "exclamation mark screen" on the new iPhone: first, the use of more than 5 generations of Liu Haiping has finally ended, whether it is aesthetic fatigue or the user's tolerance has reached the limit; The attractiveness of users makes people abandon the old models and replace them honestly; the third is to increase the recognition in another direction, and continue to suppress the same type of products from friends and merchants. In addition, although the dotted color scheme in this poster looks like a brand new color scheme that Apple is going to launch, according to past experience, Apple will not launch a gradient color scheme similar to domestic mobile phones or similar cloth. Lingbuling color, because that would downgrade it, but maybe Apple will try a more feminine design on the Apple Watch Series 8, and thus introduce this gradient body or strap that resembles a pearl necklace. In addition, the change of product model may also become one of the key changes in Apple's autumn new product launch conference: for example, the new iPhone may not launch the mini model. After all, the SE series is maintaining the small-screen flagship market. There will be a large version of the iPhone 14 Max on the market; and Apple's wear will also usher in new changes, perhaps a Pro version of the Apple Watch is in line with Apple's terminal ecological changes. Among the changes in the hardware or functions of the product, the same rear main camera as the "Wannian 5V1A" may appear on the iPhone 14 Pro series models, such as upgrading to a resolution of 48 million pixels; while the Apple Watch Series 8 Body temperature sensors and women's health functions will be added to better meet the needs of female users and open up new wearable markets. In addition, the iPhone 14 may usher in changes such as 120Hz refresh rate, constant screen display, 4nm A16 processor, etc. It seems that this time Apple's autumn new product launch seems to be a bit "new", but if it is only the appearance And the changes in normalized functions may not have much new attraction for old fruit fans and new 5G users, because people are more looking forward to the launch of the iPhone using Apple's own 5G baseband, which completely solves the problem in some scenarios. The problem of weak iPhone mobile phone signal, but at present, there is very little information about such revelations on the market, which also means that the time for Apple's own baseband to form productivity has not yet come, and it may be the best way to continue to wait! Of course, the "exclamation mark" full-screen design, stronger rear image sensor support, etc. can indeed retain old users to a certain extent and attract some new 4G users who have been waiting for a long time. Do you think this statement is reasonable? Welcome to leave a message to participate in the discussion!

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