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More than games, a new all-round choice, HP VICTUS Light and Shadow Wizard 8 15-inch gaming notebook

Posting time:2023-02-05 09:47:49

More than games, a new all-round choice, HP VICTUS Light and Shadow Wizard 8 15-inch gaming notebook

There are many consumers who hope that their notebooks can be more versatile, and they can be satisfied with office, entertainment, games, video editing, etc. Although it seems like a "luxury request", the HP VICTUS Light and Shadow Wizard 815-inch game book can be full of confidence for you. Said: "No problem!" As a product positioned as "unbounded", HP's new gaming notebook Light and Shadow Wizard 8 has more than just games. It reduces the size and weight of the fuselage under the premise of ensuring performance, and greatly improves its portability, so as to better meet the needs of consumers in all aspects. From the appearance point of view, the Light and Shadow Wizard 8 adopts a 15.6-inch design with an ultra-narrow bezel design on three sides, which brings a higher screen ratio while ensuring portability, allowing you to enjoy an immersive gaming experience. The meteorite black color scheme is low-key and restrained without losing a sense of fashionable design. Light and Shadow Wizard 8 is equipped with the 12th generation Intel Core i5-12450H standard pressure processor (the highest optional i7 version), with 8 cores and 12 threads. The performance of the new generation of processors has been greatly improved, and multitasking is not a problem. In terms of graphics card, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX3050 mobile GPU (up to optional RTX3050Ti) equipped with Light and Shadow Wizard 8 adopts the Ampere architecture, the core frequency is 1057-1740MHz, the power consumption range is 35-80W, and 4GB of video memory can bring more realistic game pictures. The memory comes standard with 8G*2DDR4 dual-channel memory. There is no need to wait for the loading of large-scale games and design software, and it can easily cope with large-scale image processing, editing, modeling and other large-scale operations at the same time. In terms of storage, the light and shadow 8 hard disk can choose up to 512GB PCIe4.0 NVME game-grade SSD, which has fast startup speed, smooth processing response, and sequential read and write up to 6Gb/s. Compared with the previous generation of PCIe3.0 products, the continuous reading speed Increase by more than 80%, and continuous write speed by more than 50%. Large-capacity storage brings a smooth and dripping speed experience. Whether it is an office worker who focuses on office work or an e-sports party who is keen on games, a screen with excellent performance is the most attractive to consumers. The 15.6-inch gaming screen, the 16:9 ratio screen width and the ultra-narrow edge design of the screen all make this screen full of image quality effects and visual experience, bringing you the most immersive and coolest User experience, effective eye protection during office work, magnifying details when facing pictures and videos, and more immersive when roaming in the game world and film and television masterpieces. 100% sRGB high color gamut can accurately and richly present colors, adding icing on the cake to your computer world. In addition, the low blue light certification level hardware-level anti-blue light and full brightness DC dimming flicker-free screen design can help you reduce long-term staring Visual fatigue caused by looking at the screen. Light and Shadow Wizard 8 has enough interfaces to ensure its super expandability: HDMI video interface, USB Type-C interface (supports video output), headphone/microphone interface and SD card slot, as well as 2 USB Type-A3.0 interfaces . These interfaces can support three-screen linkage, and the expandability is doubled. Large game peripherals can easily meet the screen expansion needs without a docking station, and you can see the whole situation, allowing you to see the details of the wild area at a glance, and the game vision is clearer. It is worth mentioning that the OGH HP game control center has also reached a cooperation with Tencent WeGame, players can enjoy HP's exclusive special benefits, the game life is more exciting. It is believed that this software benefit can stimulate the purchasing enthusiasm of popular e-sports players. Summary: In general, the HP VICTUS Light and Shadow Wizard 815-inch game book is full of sincerity. It fully implements the concept of "unbounded" from appearance design to hardware performance to applicable occasions. It is not only suitable for thin, portable, configuration performance and Office parties with comprehensive requirements such as detailed design, in addition to the e-sports screen, high-efficiency gaming laptop configuration with high refresh rate allows you to immerse yourself in the game world after get off work. So, young white-collar workers and student party members, if you are excited, click the shopping link below to enter the Tmall flagship store to buy! Shop Links

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