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The poorest variety show in history, burst

Posting time:2022-12-06 02:54:29

The poorest variety show in history, burst

Hu Mei also watched a lot of variety shows on her way to eat melons, but this is the first time Hu Mei has seen such a poor crew without underpants. It was connected to several hot searches, and the Douban score reached 9.7 points. Netizens expressed their laughter when they saw it, and they were praised as the god of variety shows this year. This crew is "Happy Restart". The members in it are the top 13 happy male voices in the country in 2007, so it is also called the 0713 men's group. There are Lu Rover, Wang Lixin, Zhang Yuan, Su Xing, Chen Chusheng, and Wang Zhengliang. Can anyone watch a group show composed of old artists who have disappeared for a long time? Hey, not only people watch it, but it is also the number one fault on the variety show hit list. * The source of the picture, Xiao Der, said that the data is even popular in the show's gold master father - Wugu Dojo, and the live broadcast data is very nice. * The source of the picture is Cicada's mother, but this summer's popular variety show is poor. Makeup is in the open-air canopy, and the star is holding an umbrella to keep out the rain. (The back of this makeup studio was used as their performance studio.) Even Yao Zheng is his own makeup artist. Yu Haoming came to be a guest, and he had to buy food and cook with his own pockets. * Photo source Wuluquan Entertainment Yu Haoming can't help but sigh: "Is it really that poor?" The car used in the show is a dilapidated van that needs to reach out to open the door and drive the flat ground like a tractor. As for eating, it was even more outrageous. Not only did a few older brothers go to the crew to act as a group performer, but even the director followed suit. * Photo source Entertainment Star Group Ps: The director also dislikes other people's lunch boxes. * Photo source Entertainment Star Group Before the "Happy Restart" program, several people also went to the "Welcome to the Mushroom House" program group. It was organized by Land Rover at the time, and the fee was so low that he was embarrassed to talk to other brothers. * Photo source Su Xing When Chen Chusheng was a little out of time, Su Xing said: "Don't force it, the four people share a little more." * Picture source Su Xing You can see in their chat that several people don't have so many routines together, they are very sincere, which is why this show is so funny. Fox sisters really care about their mental state when they go to the show. It is said on the Internet that a group of them can't make up a brain (just kidding). In the show, the way they chased the flies was by shouting back to the flies! To distinguish whether the water in the spring is fresh water or sea water, they took a sip on their stomachs (one is not counted after drinking, the second one continues verify). Even Wang Lixin contributed the first vomit in the history of variety shows on the show. It turns out that vomit is not an adjective. Seeing this situation, of course, the other brothers' way is to immediately... laugh wildly. Fifteen years of brotherhood makes them dare to say anything. Wang Lixin said with a smile that Zhang Yuan was the resident singer at the wedding, and Zhang Yuan directly said, "You can find me at your next wedding." Wang Lixin was desensitized by what these brothers said. When it was said that he might not participate in Land Rover's wedding, Wang Lixin said very generously: "I'm not lucky, right?" They even mentioned the scumbag thing before he woke up. * The source of the picture is Netease Entertainment, who speaks ill of brothers behind the scenes? No, no, they all said it out loud. The state of their being together reminded Hu Mei of a sentence: People have two kinds of friends, one is the daytime friend, they are the embellishment of your halo, and the other is the nighttime friend. As Su Xing said, the reason why they let go in the show is because there is nothing to lose except each other. * Picture source Tucao Conference Wang Lixin once called in a program to ask Su Xing if he could borrow 1 million, and Su Xing directly asked him to report his card number. * Picture source Xiaochacha from the entertainment circle also asked the unjust kind of girlfriend about this matter. Let's just say, you should try to write on your own. Land Rover also tried his best to sing for his brother, and his eyes were full of: "His songs are really good, he is a very good musician". What moved the fox sisters was their love for music. The last issue held a seaside concert, and they carefully built the venue. The director's team also deliberately borrowed the most expensive equipment, so that food, accommodation and travel can be saved, but the music cannot be settled. In the "Come and see us in concert" trailer, they seized the opportunity to show their full strength. Let the netizens feel that they are really like ordinary people who work hard in life. And this state is rarely seen in domestic entertainment. Most reality shows, like a whitewashed dummy commodity, show that stars come to experience the lives of ordinary people, and they only stay in words. Everyone gets along very carefully in the show, and every action and every expression is carefully designed. Isn't this the same as most of us in the workplace? But in our spare time, we just want to experience the simple pleasures of being with friends. "Happy Again" did it. What is even more rare is that the director of the show is also very sober. In an interview, he said that the second season will not be released too soon, and he cannot keep playing the emotional card. * The source of the picture is the Beijing News. I don’t know how many variety shows have been hit in the face. The director also revealed that before filming, the 0713 boy group was very nervous, even if the money was very little, they did not perfunctory, and wanted to be worthy of those who watched. * Photo source The Beijing News This is the attitude you should have when doing a show. Nowadays, the development of the Internet is even stronger, but what everyone loves more is the old dramas. From Wang Xinling to the 0713 men's team, the former stars have witnessed our purest happiness, but if they all rely on the past memories to chew over and over again, I don't know whether it is the sadness of the entertainment industry or the sadness of the audience. May every show have this sense of authenticity and relaxation. References: Weibo: Wake Up, Xiaodai Says Data Douyin: Xiaochacha Entertainment, Wuluquan Entertainment, Entertainment Star Group, Netease Entertainment Baidu: Beijing News "Happy Restart", Cicada Mom, Editor of "Tucao Conference" : Ran Xi

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