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Alibaba released this year's ESG report: 610,000 tons of carbon reduction, female employees accounted for 49.5%

Posting time:2022-12-06 02:42:54

Alibaba released this year's ESG report: 610,000 tons of carbon reduction, female employees accounted for 49.5%

IT House August 29 news, with the continuous development of enterprises, the responsibilities they undertake are also increasing. Today, Alibaba Group released the 2022 Alibaba Environmental Social and Governance Report (ESG Report for short), demonstrating Alibaba's contribution to the environment and society. The report shows that Alibaba has identified seven major action directions through exchanges with ecological stakeholders. In terms of "repairing the green planet", during fiscal year 2022, Alibaba reduced carbon by 619,944 tons through energy structure transformation, and 21.6% of the electricity used by Alibaba Cloud came from clean energy. In terms of "supporting employee development", as of the end of fiscal year 2022, women accounted for 49.5% of all Alibaba employees, and women directors and senior management accounted for 39%. In addition, 2,007 people with physical disabilities work in Alibaba. In terms of "serving a sustainable and good life", more than 70% of Alibaba's new annual active consumers in fiscal 2022 came from lower-tier cities and villages. In fiscal 2022, Taobao served 305,000 visually impaired users. In terms of "helping the high-quality development of small, medium and micro enterprises", in fiscal year 2022, more than 9 million active merchants managed stores through the "Qianniu" app. Direct and indirect jobs created by Alibaba exceed 60 million. In terms of "helping improve social inclusion and resilience", in 2021, there will be 7,023 Taobao villages and 2,171 Taobao towns nationwide, with an annual transaction volume of 1.3 trillion yuan on the Ali platform. In terms of "promoting public welfare with everyone's participation", in fiscal year 2022, more than 2.2 million merchants and about 500 million consumers on Taobao's Tmall platform participated in public welfare donations through "Public Welfare Babies". In terms of "building trust", Alibaba established a Technology Ethics Governance Committee in 2022 to promote technology for good and make technology "available, reliable, credible and controllable". IT House learned that Zhang Yong, chairman and CEO of Alibaba, said in the report: "I hope everyone can understand and understand Alibaba through two reports in the future: one is the financial report, the other is the ESG report, the former shows the business health, the latter see sustainability and value in development.”

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