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Samsung released the latest official avatar: named "G∙NUSMAS", is an alien

Posting time:2022-12-06 01:57:54

Samsung released the latest official avatar: named "G∙NUSMAS", is an alien

IT House August 29 news, Samsung officially issued a document today saying that behind the door of Samsung Electronics headquarters, there lives an employee from a distant planet that is different from ours. Through a series of mysterious events, the whimsical creature became Samsung's top-secret engineer, helping the company develop innovative technologies that inspire creativity and empower users. Dubbed G∙NUSMAS, the alien is a new avatar coming from Samsung. According to Samsung, G∙NUSMAS is a little blue alien with big eyes, and it is also Samsung's latest virtual work. According to Samsung officials, the idea of ​​G∙NUSMAS came from a joke that people make every time Samsung releases a new and unique product - Samsung must have hired an alien to design and develop its innovative technology. But whether the joke is really as widespread as Samsung says it remains to be seen. According to Samsung, G∙NUSMAS was created to communicate with consumers of the younger generation, especially millennials and Generation Z (the Internet generation). YH Lee, Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Global Marketing at Samsung Electronics, said: "Borrowing an idea from the Internet memo, which shows the intimacy of customers towards Samsung Electronics, a friendly and cheerful avatar has come to the world. By letting us whimsically brilliant Alien shows different sides of Samsung to the public, and I hope our consumers will feel more familiar with our brand." The name "G∙NUSMAS" is the reverse spelling of "SAMSUNG", which Samsung calls its The parent star is the planet Nowus-129, 100 million light-years away from Earth, and "Nowus-129" is also the reverse spelling of South Korea's 129 Suwo, which is the address of Samsung's corporate headquarters. Samsung plans to release a series of short videos detailing the story behind G∙NUSMAS, starting from its birth and accidental arrival on Earth, including G∙NUSMAS’s journey, working and playing at Samsung headquarters. IT House understands that G∙NUSMAS will make its debut at IFA 2022, and the story of G∙NUSMAS will be released on Samsung’s social media channels and official website on September 2. Consumers will also be able to share information through social media, Metaverse and Other digital channels communicate with G∙NUSMAS.

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