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Self-driving on Duku Highway in Xinjiang, we are on the road

Posting time:2023-02-02 08:51:53

Self-driving on Duku Highway in Xinjiang, we are on the road

——The content of this article comes from the Duku Highway, which is only open for four months a year, and runs through the entire northern and southern Xinjiang, and has an overview of the four seasons of the year. The most attractive point of Duku Highway is that. Connect these different topographical elements in series, hundreds of kilometers across the northern and southern Xinjiang. Dushanzi is the starting point of the Duku Highway. The Grand Canyon is also known as the first scene in Duku. You can imagine the Dushanzi Grand Canyon with such a grand scale. Was it completely washed out by the current? This is also evidence of the existence of time, this rough and grand temperament. It also gives a kind of impact to the hearts of many people who are not very close to Dashan. The elements that shape the northern Xinjiang are forests, water systems, and grasslands, which are incomparably three-dimensional and changeable, creating a fascinating nomadic culture. I believe that the vast majority of people are planted by the fairy-tale autumn gem-like blue lake and towering and cold ice wind. Camping was our original wish, and we chased the river all the way. I just want to put the sky above the water. When you step out of the reinforced concrete jungle and enter the landscape forest, this lifestyle of rebuilding the relationship between your heart and nature is really good. We should stay where there is no ceiling, no light pollution, and when we look up, the sky is full of stars. Humanity will never be so lucky again. Put the highest, lowest, coldest, hottest, most desolate, and green-filled places under one side of the sky at the same time. At this moment, we also feel that the peak of luck is nothing more than that. This is the leader in the Yadan landform in Xinjiang. When you are in it, the red mountains and the rugged cliffs make you feel like you are standing on Mars. The canyon is desolate and lonely, walking in the middle with the beauty of alienation. You can feel your own insignificance and the magic of nature. Southern Xinjiang is an oasis culture. Every city is like a lonely boat in the desert, and the lonely boat is also wonderful. Qiuci a thousand years ago, Kuqa today, chewing a big bag, there is a mouthful of Western flavor. For us, the self-driving tour itself is physical work, and it is normal to feel tired, but a group of people who take pictures for fun. It is easy to regain vitality. Eating barbecue for two weeks in a row, avoiding the epidemic, avoiding mudslides, and not staying in sky-high homestays, making Xinjiang play in plain sight. We came full of hope and saw and recorded these magnificent and wonderful scenes with different perspectives. This is the opportunity that Xinjiang has given us to discover the world and rediscover ourselves. Why not explore the unknown with us and challenge the infinite possibilities.

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