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How to have a TV that can make video calls? All rely on Dangbei Z1 Pro TV box

Posting time:2023-03-26 10:07:14

How to have a TV that can make video calls? All rely on Dangbei Z1 Pro TV box

In the previous era, it can be said that an old TV that can watch multiple channels can greatly add color to a boring life. In this era, traditional TVs can no longer meet current needs, but the quality of TVs is very good, then How to "upgrade" the old TV at home? Choose Dangbei Z1Pro TV box, so that your TV can not only realize smart calls, but also remote housekeeping, and instantly fill up the style. First of all, as a smart box, Dangbei Z1Pro can stand the test of configuration. It has the Amlogic A311D flagship smart chip, which can respond to needs without delay, and has an amazing 5TAl computing power. With such master-level image quality, it can easily control 3D games and enjoy 8K blockbusters. Its 4G+64G large memory is enough for you to download various APPs without worrying about no storage space. To say that Dangbei Z1Pro is special than other TV boxes, it must be the powerful function of supporting video calls. You can not only use it to remotely video chat with your family, such as home conferences, remote housekeeping, and cute selfies. , AI face recognition and other TV boxes can not do it. Then you may ask how does the Z1Pro make the old TV realize video calls? That's because it has a built-in 2K high-definition 100° human-like retinal beauty camera that other boxes don't have. 1080P+30FPS can clearly capture no-smudge portraits, and through visual optimization algorithms, it presents beauty effects, allowing you to always keep your best self. It supports glow photography technology, can customize large-screen night vision algorithms, and can video chat even in dim ambient light conditions at night. It also supports mobile phones/iPads and other devices to connect with Z1Pro. The speaker is blessed with the same Apple XtensaHifi-3DSP processing unit, which can reduce the noise in the whole environment, and deal with echo cancellation, which can easily deal with various environmental noises. Various ambient noises such as plastic sounds, keyboard sounds, paper sounds or cell phone ringtones can be easily filtered to ensure high-quality movie viewing and video calls. However, it is not only an entertainment artifact in the home living room, but also a smart conference terminal for small and medium-sized enterprises. 4 Noise-cancelling sound pickup Mic array, ultra-wide-angle optical camera, built-in distortion correction engine, can support multi-screen cloud conference, easily share screen content, whether it is six-party conference, file sharing, conference management or privacy security, all can be solved in one machine ! In addition, I believe that the cameras of the equipment used in video conferences cannot directly track the face, and the 5T artificial intelligence computing power of Dangbei Z1Pro can capture the position of the face in real time, move with the face, and the face is always there. the center of the screen. With Dangbei Z1Pro, you can use TV as a tool for remote communication. Although it is thousands of miles away, you can see it whenever you want. And if you are also a patient with difficulty in choosing, the AI ​​face recognition function of Z1Pro can memorize your daily movie viewing preferences, automatically match the movie for you, and go home to sit in front of the TV and scan it, not only recommending those that suit your taste The blockbuster can also add a lot of fun! Going back to the most important function of watching audio and video series on TV, the HDR10+ high dynamic decoding technology of 8K decoding can make the picture clear, rich and delicate in light and dark layers, compatible with multiple high dynamic decoding standards such as HDR10+, HDR10, HLG, etc. Frame-by-frame rendering perfectly restores the master-level scene, which is comparable to the color rendering state in the director's mind. And it integrates the full resources of many well-known video platforms such as iQiyi, Mango TV, Tencent, Youku, etc., the hit dramas are updated with zero lag, and the film and television resources exceed 7 million hours. Intimate double-speed x2 playback function, no need to stay up all night, more efficient to play drama. At the same time, it supports global search for movies and TV, and you can search directly for what you want to watch! In addition to restoring the cinema-level visual experience, of course, the blessing of sound effects is indispensable. Optical fiber is used to output high-quality restored audio, and supports lossless playback. It has Viper sound effects and AI video adaptation. Its DAC dynamic optimization decoding technology can also be performed according to the scene. Acoustic optimization, up to 7.1-channel home theater audio output. Video calling is only one of the many functions of Dangbei Z1Pro. It can also burst into more possibilities in entertainment. The magic camera function can record various funny expressions of you and your family, and even share WeChat friends and circles of friends with one click. , Witnesses of family happiness! In addition, the built-in somatosensory game allows you to bring your good friends to dance together, children's songs, rock, square dance, rich resources, absolutely enough to play! And as a smart TV box, Dangbei Z1Pro can be called you in terms of intelligence The "little housekeeper" at home can check the status of the home in real time through the "Dangbeijia" APP when going out, and supports two-way voice, photo, and video functions. Trend, remote housekeeping is caring to protect the safety of family members! There is more sensory love eye, AI dynamic recognition, and real-time "warning" to children who are too close to the TV, reducing the need for parents to supervise and remind them in real time. This is not over, Z1Pro also supports the surprise function of chatting and watching with friends! While chasing dramas and watching movies, the chat box of friends can appear on the screen. With friends, chasing dramas is no longer lonely at all, synchronizing the playback progress, getting rid of the shackles of real distance, and sharing happiness in real time. Haven't seen the operation of chasing dramas and swiping Weibo to watch news on the same TV screen? The video playback interface of Z1Pro can choose to open the split-screen mode, and cast the content of the mobile phone to the TV split-screen for dual-use on one screen, which is not too convenient! In addition, Dangbei OS also supports many functions such as desktop DIY, mobile phone interface magic screen, fitness, remote message, dynamic wallpaper, etc. Even better, Dangbei Z1Pro also supports global gesture control, far and near field voice and thousands of voice skills. The magic screen allows the phone to control the TV, and the three-way gesture control allows you to control the whole world and the remote control with one hand. Say goodbye, but even if You really can't find the remote control, you can also use the remote control retrieval technology of Dangbei APP to make it sound, just don't be too arbitrary! Finally, Dangbei Z1Pro is also powerful in terms of external equipment, with 1 3.5mm audio interface, 1 Gigabit Ethernet port, 1 SPDIF optical interface, 1 USB3.0 interface and 1 HDMI2.1 interface. Its HDMI2 .1 High-definition video interface transmission belt up to 48Gbps, supports the transmission of HDR10+ video, retains the original picture quality, and the frame is wonderful! Summary Who can not love such a smart TV box with strong core capabilities and functions in multiple fields such as audio and video series, video calls, playing games, device cross-screen interconnection, smart home love, and user-friendly design? If you like it, go to Dangbei Jingdong self-operated flagship store to buy it!

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