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Intel continues to submit Arc GPU driver patches and early Meteor Lake support for Linux 6.1

Posting time:2023-02-02 07:06:09

Intel continues to submit Arc GPU driver patches and early Meteor Lake support for Linux 6.1

Following last week's first Intel i915 GT update for DRM-Next before the Linux 6.1 merge window, Intel has now released a new query request for drm-intel-next for Linux 6.1. Work is known to revolve around early graphics support for next-generation Meteor Lake processors, as well as ongoing Arc Graphics DG2/Alchemist preparations. As mentioned earlier, Meteor Lake's core graphics will have similar capabilities to DG2/Alchemist hardware. However, this round of query requests only involves some early graphics support for Meteor Lake for Linux 6.1, and Intel is expected to add more to the kernel in the upcoming kernel cycle. On Monday, an LKML email announcement indicated that the driver and the latest DMC code on Intel Arc Graphics DG2 / Alchemist have enabled Display C5 (DC5) support. It is reported that Display C5 is a power saving mode for dynamically disabling the power well and CDCLK PLL (currently not enabled), which is expected to reduce the power consumption of Arc Graphics graphics hardware under certain conditions. Screenshot (from: LKML) Meanwhile, the DG2/Alchemist front end will support higher HDMI pixel clock frequency for stronger display support. Also CDCLK has been improved for GD2 (a similar solution for Tigerlake platforms) to avoid experiencing display under-runs in some cases. Other patches include improved sanity checks for PCI BARs, various fixes, and the addition of a new PCI ID for Alder Lake S - which was not previously included in the blueprinted Linux graphics driver. Finally, Linux 6.1 is expected to bring feature updates related to Intel's Direct Rendering Manager in the coming weeks.

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