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Have a drink? Just one drink may be enough to permanently change the brain, study suggests

Posting time:2023-02-02 08:41:36

Have a drink? Just one drink may be enough to permanently change the brain, study suggests

With the blessing of science and technology, human beings have a very comprehensive understanding of wine, and ordinary people also know the truth of "don't drink too much". However, is the "sweet drink" that the older generation said really reliable? CNMO has learned that the latest scientific research shows that even just one drink of alcohol may permanently alter your brain and increase your risk of alcohol addiction. According to media reports, a new paper published in PNAS (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences) pointed out that drinking just one drink is enough to change the shape of our brain neurons and increase the risk of future alcohol addiction. More importantly, this change will be irreversible. Related reports CNMO has learned that the subjects of this study are not humans, but fruit flies and mice. Looking at the molecular, cellular, and behavioral effects of a single alcohol intake, the researchers found that dozens of proteins significantly altered synaptic abundance in response to acute ethanol stimulation. Furthermore, mitochondria are critical in mediating ethanol-dependent cellular changes. Taken together, the researchers speculate that these ethanol-dependent cellular changes are key substrates for the development of addictive behaviors. While not the humans themselves, the researchers believe that the processes that contribute to this complex addiction are similar across species. So after we drink alcohol for the first time, there are permanent changes in the brain that also have an effect on alcoholism and addiction.

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