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ZTE Yuanhang 30S goes on sale, equipped with domestic self-developed chip UNISOC T760

Posting time:2023-02-02 05:03:09

ZTE Yuanhang 30S goes on sale, equipped with domestic self-developed chip UNISOC T760

On August 30, ZTE officially announced that the Yuanhang 30S mobile phone equipped with pure Chinese chips will be officially launched today. This mobile phone and China Mobile jointly developed aging-friendly functions, bringing simple desktop, pure security system and other functions, as well as China Mobile remote control. Guard and provide caring service for the elders. ZTE Yuanhang 30S is equipped with a domestic self-developed chip Ziguang Zhanrui T760, using a 6nm process technology, composed of 4 A76 large cores and 4 A55 energy efficiency cores, with more balanced battery life and performance. The front of the fuselage uses a 6.52-inch high-definition screen that supports 90Hz high refresh rate, 16.7 million colors, and UL low blue light certification, and the screen is more eye-friendly. The ZTE Yuanhang 30S is equipped with the MyOS pure security system, which is officially claimed to be the Android mobile phone system with the fewest advertisements; the system supports a simple desktop, supports desktop settings, one-piece operations, quick dialing and scanning functions, and you can also use voice to make WeChat calls, or send messages. Wechat red envelopes, etc., are easier and faster for elders to use. In terms of China Mobile's remote monitoring, ZTE Yuanhang 30S has specially created the "5G video customer service remote assistance" feature for the elderly. Directly dial the 10086 customer service hotline to immediately access video services, and support two-way video, touch screen interaction, screen sharing and other functions , reduce the troubles of elders using the machine. In terms of price, the price of ZTE Yuanhang 30S 4GB+128GB is 999 yuan, and the price of 6GB+128GB is 1199 yuan. Interested friends can find out.

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