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The compound annual growth rate in the next three years is 120%!'s strategic cooperation expands the air-conditioning engineering market

Posting time:2023-02-02 10:08:23

The compound annual growth rate in the next three years is 120%!'s strategic cooperation expands the air-conditioning engineering market

In recent years, commercial air-conditioning products, as indispensable equipment in the production and operation of enterprises, have become an important link in the procurement chain of enterprises, and the demand for commercial air-conditioning by enterprises is also soaring. In order to better expand the air-conditioning engineering market, we provide enterprise-level customers with higher-quality commercial air-conditioning products and services. On August 30, and Midea reached an in-depth cooperation in the field of commercial air conditioners. The two parties will work together to expand enterprise-level customers based on's supply chain-based technology and service advantages, Midea's rich commercial air-conditioning products and regional services and other resource advantages. Market, promote digital engineering projects, strengthen regional cooperation and core engineering business cooperation, and jointly achieve the strategic goal of 120% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of commercial air-conditioning purchases between the two parties in the next three years. With the wave of consumption upgrading, the domestic air conditioner market has gradually shown a pattern of full competition in recent years; at the same time, the commercial air conditioner market has shown a momentum of rapid development. According to industry online data, in 2021, the market size of commercial air conditioners will reach a new record of 123.17 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 25.4%. The commercial air-conditioning market has gradually become an important profit growth point for air-conditioning manufacturing companies, and has become a new blue ocean for industry players to grab the beach. This time, and Midea will carry out in-depth cooperation in the air conditioner category through online and offline channels, mainly focusing on three levels. The first is the joint expansion of customers. The two parties will focus on the needs of customers in manufacturing, finance, energy and other industries, further integrate resources at the level of products, services and marketing, and jointly expand the market in depth. The second is the deepening of regional cooperation. Through information sharing, personnel coordination, project expansion and market cooperation, resources are exchanged in key regions to achieve coordinated development among multiple regions. The third is to further open up localized sources of goods and services at the level of JD’s digital engineering projects, provide store customers with an offline engineering procurement experience of the same price and service, and improve stores through regular standardized engineering project operation training and product knowledge training. Service Level. Through the in-depth cooperation and co-construction of the above three levels, the goal of a three-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 120% in purchases will be finally achieved. In recent years, JD’s enterprise business has accumulated many years of accumulation and accumulation in B-end market channels and customer demand understanding. Service capabilities for commercial scenarios. As the commercial market has gradually become a new track for the industry to compete for the beach, Midea Group has also continued to change. While focusing on the "number one strategy" of the C-end business, it will firmly ignite the second engine, continue to make efforts to the B-end market, and create a new development situation. Based on the established goals of both parties, will open up customer resources to Midea, and give key recommendations to Midea’s air conditioners; and based on JD’s enterprise smart mining platform, build a high-quality product pool, provide a professional customer service team, and promote Midea’s commercial air conditioners through precision marketing. new growth. At the same time, based on the 15,000 omni-channel stores such as home appliance stores all over the country, relying on's digital engineering project, and leveraging's supply chain advantages and digital technology capabilities, Midea will help Midea to further expand the submerged regional market and achieve visualized and traceable efficiency. Procurement and market new growth. Midea will provide JD. Good product and service. As partners for many years, Midea Air Conditioning and have established a solid foundation for cooperation in all aspects such as C2M customization, new product launch, and precise promotion. In March this year, the sales volume of Midea’s air conditioner Huanxinfeng series cabinet MKA1A exceeded 10,000 units on the first day of its launch; this year, during the good start of JD. The achievement of this strategic cooperation also indicates that the two parties have advanced from the strategic cooperation in the household market to the more in-depth commercial market. “Midea is a very valued partner of JD. A new pattern of market development." Wu Kening, general manager of the Air Conditioning Business Department of JD's Home Appliances Division, pointed out. Zhang Yulong, General Manager of Domestic Sales of Midea Group's Home Air Conditioning Business Unit, said: "Midea Air Conditioners have a well-established product line, advanced intelligent solutions and professional service capabilities, while has more advantages in digital supply chain and customer demand understanding. It is hoped that through the strong alliance between the two parties, we can provide users with high-quality air-conditioning centralized procurement services, and can also provide reference value for the digital and professional development of the air-conditioning industry.” said Guo Xiaobo, general manager of Jingdong 3C Home Appliance Business Group Enterprise and Commercial Procurement Business Department. : ", as a new entity enterprise, is not only the initial practitioner of digital engineering, but also the first beneficiary. With the digital transformation entering the deep-water area, 'digital-real integration' has become the main theme today. I hope that the cooperation between and Midea will achieve business growth and leap forward. And through technological innovation and industrial synergy, it will provide a reference for the digital transformation of the commercial electrical appliance industry, and help the enterprise service market to form a benign ecology of win-win development.” said Yin Zhongyu, general manager of the KA customer and commercial business department of JD’s Retail Enterprise Business Department: “Service companies Understanding the industry and customers is crucial for the market. JD's corporate business has been deeply involved in the corporate market for many years, and has accumulated a large number of corporate service samples, and has a deep understanding of the company's scenarios, processes and needs. Through this cooperation, we also hope to be able to Integrate these experiences with Midea's strong professional capabilities to jointly bring high-quality commercial services to corporate customers."

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