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Fully immersed in the 8K "vision" world, Samsung brings a new Neo QLED 8K series TV

Posting time:2022-12-06 01:37:41

Fully immersed in the 8K "vision" world, Samsung brings a new Neo QLED 8K series TV

On August 26, Samsung TV's 2022 strategic new product launch conference was successfully held. With the theme of "Eyes-Opening with Samsung", the conference released a series of new products NeoQLED, MicroLED and Lifestyle. As a leader in the global TV industry, Samsung is committed to empowering users with a new smart life with technological innovation and diversified products. The NeoQLED 8K series TVs it brings will continue to lead the industry's cutting-edge development trend in the future. "China has always been one of Samsung's important strategic markets. Samsung is committed to meeting the diverse needs of Chinese consumers through a series of innovative products that lead a unique lifestyle, and bringing more excellence to users through continuous cooperation with Chinese partners. Cui Shengzhi, President of Samsung Electronics Greater China, said, "Nowadays, as an important screen and electronic device in the center of the home, TV has been integrated into all aspects of our life, work and leisure. To this end, we specially bring exclusive products for Chinese users. The new and powerful Tizen system is compatible with more applications on the basis of existing advantages, bringing users a richer application ecology and scenarios, so that Samsung will continue to make the screen available to everyone, and the screen is at your side (ScreensEverywhere, Screens for All)’ vision.” Choi Seung-sik, President of Samsung Electronics Greater China, NeoQLED 8K series is equipped with a simple style, creating an immersive audio-visual feast With the popularization of high-definition and later 4K technology, users' requirements for picture quality and sound quality have continued to increase, and 8K technology represented by Samsung came into being. From the birth of Samsung's first-generation 8K TV in 2013 to the launch of Samsung's NeoQLED 8K TV in 2021, the accumulation of experience and lasting innovation in the past ten years has kept Samsung at the forefront of the industry, constantly deepening and improving the 8K industry ecology, and leading the technological development of the 8K era. . At this conference, NeoQLED 8K TV was upgraded, and presented a fresher new "vision" world for users with shocking three-dimensional audio and video effects. The new product is equipped with Samsung's cutting-edge technological achievements in the semiconductor field, namely the neuron quantum dot 8K processor, which integrates 20 independent artificial intelligence neural processing units. The conversion is enhanced to near 8k Ultra HD resolution effect. The NeoQLED 8K TV also supports adaptive dimming technology, which can improve the contrast between the focus area and the background and effectively suppress the halo effect. In addition, the product continues Samsung's quantum dot Mini LED backlight technology, and the dimming accuracy is improved to 14bit, which can more realistically restore the details and levels of the screen image, bringing clearer and more shocking visual effects. Samsung NeoQLED 8K TV The NeoQLED 8K TV has greatly enhanced the audio while improving the visual function. The new product is equipped with the new audio and video tracking OTSPro technology, combined with quantum dot processor and 8K artificial intelligence technology, which can automatically optimize the sound source and transmission method, allowing users to deeply experience the appeal of sound effects from different directions of the TV. Its new channel speakers and powerful Dolby Atmos can create realistic stereo sound, and with the Q series 990 speakers, it can bring a more powerful, deeper and more immersive sound, creating an immersive sound for users. auditory feast. In addition, Samsung has also closely communicated with partners to make major optimizations and upgrades in the viewing experience. This new 8K product can provide users with an 8K ultra-high-definition film and television area. While continuously updating 8K content, it will also support HDR10+ image quality improvement technology to ensure that consumers can bring transparent light and shadow from both color and clarity. experience. MicroLED brings together Samsung's cutting-edge technology to create a new era of future display MicroLED is a magnificent work of art created by Samsung's continuous collision of technology and design. It brings together cutting-edge display technology and innovative strength in the industry, and will present luxurious and impactful future display technology for home users for the first time, bringing a gluttonous audio-visual experience. Samsung MicroLED screens are made on sapphire spar sheets, and combined with LED inorganic self-luminous technology, the new products have more advantages in terms of service life, efficiency, speed, and reliability. In terms of performance, relying on the powerful MicroAI processor, MicroLED can independently control 24 million micro LEDs, the light control accuracy is as high as 20bit, and the peak brightness can reach 2000nit. With high contrast and high dynamic lighting rendering technology, it can be easily It presents the rich texture of the subtleties of the picture and the expression of different shades of the same color. In appearance, the design of MicroLED is futuristic and trendy. The screen ratio of up to 99.99% greatly weakens the sense of visual boundary, making the content, screen and wall highly integrated. With the combined blessing of super-sensing full-screen and powerful performance, MicroLED brings users an excellent and luxurious enjoyment with stunning visual effects. The Lifestyle series of Samsung MicroLED products continues the elegant design and adds a new style of home aesthetics. The exterior design and constantly polished product quality give more unique inspiration to the home space. TheSerif TV crosses the boundaries of home appliances and furniture, and creates a new aesthetic in the field of TV. The product is co-created by Samsung and the famous French designers Brooke Brothers. The side of the fuselage is a unique capital letter "I", with a simple and sleek cloud-white color scheme, which can be freely placed anywhere in the space, providing better home decoration. multiple choice. As a star product in the Lifestyle series of TVs, TheFrame wall TV also adds a full artistic atmosphere to the home environment. The appearance of the new product takes the picture frame as the design inspiration. Through the art mode and matte screen display, the black screen can be turned into a scene of world-famous paintings, showing the user's aesthetic and artistic taste in an all-round way. In addition, users can also decorate the TV as a picture frame on the wall, and use the "My Album" function to present all the good memories of family or travel photos. Samsung TheSerif TV The new Tizen system for Samsung TheFrame TV improves user experience and opens up a new digital life. Under the background that TV has gradually become the center of smart life, Samsung has also continued to develop software to create a more powerful Tizen system. The new Tizen system is compatible with Android apps downloaded from the Samsung TV app store, and the system interface will be upgraded according to the usage habits of Chinese users. In addition, users can directly browse the audio and video search results of multiple video platforms through intelligent voice search, and can also use IOT to achieve multi-device interconnection, enjoying more comfortable and convenient office, online class learning, fitness, games, K-song, and more. Enjoy a smart life experience. Samsung's new TV uses the new Tizen system. The NeoQLED 8K product QN900C is released this time. The suggested retail prices of the 75-inch and 85-inch products are 69,999 yuan and 99,999 yuan respectively; the NeoQLED 8K product QN800C, 55-inch, 65-inch and 75-inch suggested retail prices are 14,999 yuan RMB, RMB 20,999, RMB 34,999. In the future, Samsung will continue to deeply cultivate the 8K intelligent ecology, take cutting-edge innovative technology as the core, reshape the new experience of smart home, lead the imagination of future TV, and create a fully immersive 8K "vision" world for users. (8005657)

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