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Don't ignore the hazards of oil fume, smokeless all-round kitchens have to rely on integrated stoves

Posting time:2022-12-06 02:34:37

Don't ignore the hazards of oil fume, smokeless all-round kitchens have to rely on integrated stoves

August is coming to an end, and the annual "Golden Nine Silver Ten" decoration season is coming, and many owners are starting to decorate their homes at this time. Among them, the kitchen, as an important place for three meals a day, has become a key area for decoration in the new era. Especially for Chinese-style kitchens that prefer stir-frying, kitchen life is always accompanied by lampblack. The existence of oil fume not only seriously damages the living environment of the kitchen, pollutes the cabinets, and increases the difficulty of cleaning, but also poses a considerable threat to the creation of an open kitchen. It can be said that oil fumes are harmful to kitchen decoration without any benefit. However, some people on the Internet have said that the above problems caused by oil fume are nothing more than exposed dirt, which can be solved as long as the habit of frequent cleaning is maintained. But in fact, the harm of kitchen fumes is more serious than you think. If it is said that there is still room for kitchen fume to damage the kitchen environment, but the damage of oil fume to the human body has irreversible and serious consequences, even more serious than most people imagine. It is understood that the main components of kitchen fume are aldehydes, ketones, hydrocarbons, fatty acids, alcohols, aromatic compounds, ketones, lactones, heterocyclic compounds, etc. For the human body, prolonged inhalation of oil fumes containing these substances may cause lesions in human tissues. Oil fume invades the respiratory tract and can also cause chronic pharyngitis, rhinitis, bronchitis and other respiratory diseases. At the same time, a study by the Tumor Research Institute of Tongji University in Shanghai has also found that long-term exposure of young and middle-aged women to high-temperature oil fumes increases the probability of developing lung cancer by 2-3 times, and the skin is more prone to aging and spots. It can be seen that the harm of lampblack is extremely serious. For the health of yourself and your family, creating a healthy smoke-free kitchen has become an urgent matter in the renovation process. Therefore, for the decoration of Chinese-style kitchens, oil fume products have become an indispensable kitchen appliance during decoration. In the current range hood and kitchen appliance market, there are two mainstream range hood products, one is the traditional range hood and the other is the integrated stove. The former was born earlier, and the latter has developed rapidly in recent years. However, which one is better to use, the integrated stove or the range hood, cannot be judged in the morning or evening, but must be put into practical use? Next, let's find out. Who is better to use an integrated stove or a range hood? Here comes the truth! From the perspective of the effect of absorbing oil fume, through the actual experience, we can clearly feel the difference in the performance of the integrated stove and the range hood in absorbing oil fume. Traditional range hoods are often unable to deal with the oil fume produced by stir-frying, and there will be spillage and diffusion of oil fume, while the integrated stove can visibly remove all the produced oil fume. the distance of the generated area. Anyone who has cooked knows that the distance from the range hood to the pot surface is about 35-55cm, and the distance from the top range hood is longer, and some models even reach an installation height of more than 65cm. With such a "long" distance, the cooking fumes will remain in the environment for too long. During the movement, some of them will first diffuse into the air, some will be breathed by the cook, and the rest will be sucked into the range hood. In this way, the performance of the range hood in absorbing range fumes is naturally normal. The integrated stove adopts the installation method of side suction and lower row, and the distance between the pot surface and the smoking port is generally not more than 30CM. From a physical point of view, the smoking port of the integrated stove is closer to the stove head, and the effect of absorbing oil fume is naturally better. Facts have also verified this point of view. The reduction of the height of the integrated stove at the hood allows it to use an air volume of 17 cubic meters per minute to surpass the 23 cubic meters per minute air volume of the traditional range hood. Among them, the Martian integrated stove has been independently researched and developed. On the premise of studying the operation law of oil fume, the innovative 15cm low-altitude near-suction technology has been introduced, which has a unique advantage in absorbing oil fume in structure. , lock the choking kitchen fumes from the source, and do not give the slightest chance to escape. What's more worth mentioning is that, in addition to the powerful ability to absorb oil fume, the integrated stove also has other essential functions in the kitchen that are not equipped with traditional oil hoods. In less than one square meter of space, it brings a variety of functions such as range hood, gas stove, steamer, oven, steam-bake all-in-one machine, air fryer, storage compartment, storage table, etc., to meet the vast majority of cooking scenes in kitchen life The use demand, space utilization and cost performance are all high. Taking Martian, who has repeatedly promoted functional changes in the industry as an example, with more than ten years of development, the innovation of functions has been closely following the changes in the kitchen needs of users. From the creation of the era of integrated stoves for steam ovens to the in-depth exploration of the steaming potential of integrated stoves, and the promotion of the industry into the era of a new generation of independent integrated stoves for steaming and roasting, Martian has used the same innovative spirit at different stages to promote integrated stoves. Changes in the cooking function of products. This year, the new steaming and roasting independent integrated stoves have been greatly upgraded and innovated in many aspects such as structure and performance. Different from the steam-bake structure of left-to-bake, top-to-bake or bottom-to-bake on the market, Martian’s new-generation independent steam-bake integrated stove reshapes the cooking experience in the kitchen with a new dual-chamber independent structure of left-to-grill and right-to-speed steam. Improves cooking efficiency. The left side steaming, roasting and frying box has a capacity of 45 liters, which can realize master cooking modes such as quick steaming, steam roasting, and air frying. need. At the same time, the Martian steaming and roasting independent integrated stove is also equipped with AI dual-chamber alternating algorithm technology, homologous dual-steam system and other black technologies, which greatly empowers daily cooking, thereby making cooking easier and making it delicious. Written at the end: In general, the integrated stove is a better choice in terms of the effect of absorbing oil fume, the cost performance, practicability and professionalism of the product. As the integrated stove is a low-frequency and consumer-resistant product, if you want to buy a good product, you still have to follow the big brand effect. As the brand with the double top sales volume of listed companies in the integrated stove industry in the first half of 2022, Martian will improve product quality and after-sales service. Guaranteed. If your home is being renovated or there is a need for new kitchen appliances, choose the Martian integrated stove, that's right!

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