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More cutting-edge mobile technologies, creating a blueprint for panoramic digital entertainment, Snapdragon Carnival debuts

Posting time:2022-12-06 03:00:56

More cutting-edge mobile technologies, creating a blueprint for panoramic digital entertainment, Snapdragon Carnival debuts

A grand event of cutting-edge mobile technology, an "official" festival for one-day e-sports gamers! Yes, this event refers to the Snapdragon Carnival which was officially opened on August 26 in Chengdu Dongjiao Memory International Fashion Industrial Park. From the perspective of the theme of the event, this is a grand event with Qualcomm Snapdragon as the protagonist; Judging from the crowd participating in the event, it involves technology enthusiasts, gamers, young people of Gen Z, and even ordinary people like you and me. It is said that this three-day Snapdragon Carnival is the first large-scale offline digital entertainment event created by Qualcomm. The super large exhibition area of ​​​​displays nearly a thousand top technology products, and cooperates with leaders in related fields in Chengdu to "unveil" this event. In this grand carnival, the participating students can not only see the top game attributes of Snapdragon in e-sports games, but also see Snapdragon's continuous breakthroughs in other fields, and more can see what Snapdragon has displayed. A new blueprint for the future of panoramic digital entertainment! Let more people enjoy professional-level gaming experience. From product optimization to industry promotion, Snapdragon is fully involved in e-sports game features. As an example, Snapdragon, which has become synonymous with the top Android mobile experience, has formed a "dominant position" in the field of e-sports and e-sports. , led by a variety of terminal products of the Snapdragon 8 series flagship mobile platform, has become the official designated machine for major professional e-sports events, professional players and ordinary players can get an excellent and superior experience on these products; more than that, In order to allow players to operate smoothly and win, Qualcomm has also carried out in-depth tuning with game studios and terminal manufacturers. At present, the ultra-smooth gaming experience, highest HDR quality and end-game-level features of Snapdragon Elite Gaming have not only been implemented in some of the most popular titles, but also gradually applied to new titles. For example: In order to better support the experience of the next-generation strategy mobile game "Return to Empire" on smartphones supported by the Snapdragon mobile platform, Qualcomm and Tianmei Studio have carried out a series of optimizations, including the optimization of hero skeletal animation sampling , graphics rendering optimization, shading language instruction-level debugging, and bandwidth optimization. In terms of rendering method, the Flex Render feature of Adreno GPU on the Snapdragon mobile platform can support both TBDR (Tile-Base-Deferred-Rendering) and DR (direct-rendering) rendering architectures, so as to achieve the optimal rendering method for game screen selection. Faster rendering and less power consumption. In addition, Qualcomm and Tianmei Studio have also jointly optimized the fragment culling in the game screen. Fragments are the basic units used to update pixels and contain data such as color depth textures. If the fragment is depth culled before the fragment is shaded, it means that useless updates to pixels can be saved, which greatly reduces the GPU load. Qualcomm and Timmy have jointly optimized the rendering order to achieve the best culling effect for Adreno LRZ (Low Resolution Z). The LRZ technology of Adreno GPU can quickly eliminate unnecessary fragment calculations, thereby making depth sorting unnecessary during rendering, reducing the sorting load on the CPU side, and greatly improving the rendering performance on the GPU side. In terms of shading language, the best performance is achieved by taking full advantage of the hardware feature of Adreno GPU, which processes 16-bit floating-point numbers twice as fast as 32-bit floating-point numbers. In terms of bandwidth, the two sides performed batch processing to maximize the loading speed of textures on the Adreno GPU. The two parties also added GPU hardware-level optimization for specific application scenarios. The HDR Fast Blend feature supported by Adreno GPU has been carefully optimized at the hardware level for specific scenes, such as combat special effects, so that the performance of hybrid GPU rendering in HDR format can be improved by up to 2 times. Under the blessing of Snapdragon Elite Gaming, "Return to the Empire" has performed well on the Snapdragon 8, 7, and 6 series platforms, allowing players to feel the immersive and vivid battlefield. In fact, the achievements of the Snapdragon mobile platform not only improve the experience of mobile games, but also promote the development of the e-sports industry. This year, Qualcomm teamed up with ESL Gaming to create a global mobile game event, the Snapdragon E-sports Pioneer Competition. For example, this event not only set up the Snapdragon E-sports Pioneer Elite Invitational Tournament and the Snapdragon E-sports Pioneer National Challenge for professional players, so that players who love mobile e-sports can compete on the same stage and bring the passion and fun of mobile e-sports to the forefront. spread to the whole people. During this Snapdragon Carnival, the finals of the Snapdragon E-sports Pioneer Elite Invitational Tournament will be finalized. A number of professional teams and anchor teams will compete in four popular competitive mobile game projects to stage a peak battle. Not just eSports! Snapdragon's six major technical fields enhance the mobile experience in an all-round way. Snapdragon's achievements are not limited to e-sports games. On product terminals, features such as imaging, audio, AI, connectivity and even security are becoming the key point for manufacturers to differentiate themselves. , and Xiaolong is also very involved in it. Taking imaging as an example, Snapdragon Sight has achieved a series of mobile industry firsts, allowing ordinary people to take photos with vivid colors and details, as well as 4K HDR and even 8K movie-quality video. Taking the Snapdragon 8/8+ as an example, it supports 18-bit triple ISP and can capture images at a speed of up to 3.2 billion pixels per second, showing extreme effects in low light, anti-shake, color and clarity. With the support of Snapdragon, smartphone imaging and video capabilities have accelerated to professional-level evolution, which has also broadened the creative and shooting methods of professional photographers. At the Snapdragon Carnival, the Snapdragon 8K cinema staged a film - "China: Cute Things Paradise", which was shot by a photographer from China National Geographic using a smartphone equipped with the Snapdragon 8 series mobile platform, and recorded the big picture. Natural agility and vitality. In terms of audio, connectivity, a richer mobile experience, and safeguarding the security of terminal devices, Snapdragon has also made a series of technological breakthroughs, including Snapdragon Sound, Snapdragon Connect, Snapdragon Smart, and Snapdragon Secure, etc. It is the efforts made by Snapdragon in multiple mobile experiences. Involving more terminal categories to create a new blueprint for panoramic digital entertainment In the exhibition hall of this carnival, Qualcomm has a wide range of terminal categories, including flagship mobile phones equipped with Snapdragon 8 series processors, as well as various tablet computers, TWS Bluetooth headsets, Smart wearables, thin and light Snapdragon notebooks, XR devices, flagship routers, etc., and even electric vehicles, balance cars, karts and drones have all been unveiled. The new blueprint for future digital entertainment involves all aspects of people's daily work/life. The immersive experience of virtual and real integration is also one of the scenes that this new blueprint focuses on, and the evolution of technology makes it no longer out of reach. Today, XR is generally regarded as a terminal connecting physical space and digital space. Qualcomm has been deeply involved in this field for more than ten years. Through four strategies of XR-specific chipsets, software and algorithms, reference designs, and ecological cooperation plans, Qualcomm has promoted XR technology and Ecological cooperation and development make Xiaolong the key to the Metaverse. The Snapdragon XR fantasy tour at this carnival is based on the VR all-in-one machine equipped with the Snapdragon XR2 platform. With the powerful graphics processing capability of the Snapdragon XR2, it brings ultra-clear visual effects, and the Snapdragon XR fantasy tour achieves high quality. With advanced graphics rendering and 8K H.265 real-time decoding, you can enter a new world that has never been seen before and enjoy an ultra-clear visual experience. Then, through the top-level Wi-Fi 6 feature of the Qualcomm Fast Connect 6800 mobile connection system, a low-latency wireless connection between the VR all-in-one machine and the sports seat is realized, leading the audience to embark on an immersive and wonderful journey to enjoy the true immersion. XR entertainment experience. In addition, the combination of 5G and AI technologies is making the car a "third living space". The Snapdragon cockpit platform continues to iteratively upgrade, providing drivers and passengers with more personalized cockpit configurations and truly immersive experiences through highly customizable and always-connected SoC and virtualization software solutions, including AI virtual assistants, situational safety, In-car gaming, 4K multi-screen displays, top-notch audio and video, and more. In the Xiaolong Zhijia New District, the top smart car brands equipped with the Xiaolong cockpit platform - Xiaopeng, Ji Krypton, and Leapmotor come together, allowing the audience to experience a more convenient and pleasant travel life. As the world's leading wireless technology innovator, Qualcomm is constantly approaching digital technology enthusiasts and a wide range of consumers through the Snapdragon brand and the cutting-edge products and technologies it supports, giving people the opportunity to experience the charm of cutting-edge mobile technology at close range. , enjoy the mobile experience supported by multi-category Snapdragon terminals. In the future, Qualcomm will continue to expand the Snapdragon ecosystem and work with partners to create a better future digital life.

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