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All things live in water, and all things can be accommodated. What was the ColorOS system in the past?

Posting time:2023-02-05 08:16:07

All things live in water, and all things can be accommodated. What was the ColorOS system in the past?

As the core of a mobile phone, the mobile phone system often brings users the most authentic and intuitive experience. As the current top-level system in China, ColorOS was launched by OPPO and deeply customized based on Android. Intuitive, light, simple and rich in design, the development of the overall function is biased towards high efficiency and practicality, it runs smoothly, and has good stability, and it is also greatly loved by users. ColorOS global monthly active users also exceeded 500 million. Now the ColorOS13 system with the theme of "Aquatic All Things" has also been officially released. Since the ColorOS13 broke the news, many users who have used it have been shouting: "How can ColorOS13 be so powerful!" The ColorOS system is not achieved overnight, but a step-by-step experience different stages and slowly evolved. Now the editor will also take you to review the features that have impressed you in previous ColorOS system versions, and introduce the biggest upgrades of ColorOS 13. ColorOS 1.0: Icons quasi-materialized for life On September 23, 2013, the first-generation ColorOS with the theme of "Intelligent Drawing New Life" was officially launched globally. The first-generation ColorOS chooses to start from life, and depicts a lot of life-like texture and details on the icons, so that the icons can better express the meaning of related applications. And this quasi-materialized style also makes the atmosphere of literary feelings become very strong. ColorOS2.0: Redraw common icons, adhere to the skeuomorphic style ColorOS2.0 system version theme is "elegant bloom", follow the skeuomorphic style, in order to make the icons more compatible with the system, based on the characteristics of the icons, redraw most of the commonly used on the market. The icon improves the recognition of the icon, is more intuitive and simple, and makes it closer to life. ColorOS3.0: "Batch move", more convenient to organize ColorOS3.0 continues to optimize on the basis of the previous two generations of ColorOS systems. The basic elements of the icons are more unified, and each icon is divided according to the golden ratio. In addition, after the desktop icons are optimized, the messy desktop can be organized. Press and hold the icon to edit the desktop, click "Batch Move", and check it to move the icon to the specified location! ColorOS5.0: Wisdom and Beauty, 4X6 Desktop Layout On March 19, 2018, the ColorOS5.0 system with the theme of "Wisdom and Beauty" was launched. In this system version, ColorOS incorporates more light perception into icons and desktops With color, it gives users a more warm and comfortable feeling. The point is that the desktop icon layout is 4X6 by default, and users can adjust between 4X6 and 5X6 according to their own preferences. ColorOS6.0: Wisdom has no boundaries, and interactive animation is more direct. Starting from ColorOS6.0, the ColorOS system has been fully upgraded, and it has entered the second stage of the development of ColorOS - the era of comprehensive upgrade and optimization. Since 2019, with the further optimization of mobile phone screens, the screen quality and desktop layout have brought users a more direct experience. In response to this phenomenon, ColorOS upgraded to the ColorOS 6.0 system on the occasion of its fifth anniversary. Version 6.0 incorporates a borderless design concept into the desktop layout and icons. The white and white layout, new wallpapers and icons make users feel very fresh. After simplifying the unified induction, the colors become more regular, and the interactive animation is more in line with physical intuition. Also starting from 6.0, ColorOS has broken through the boundaries, not only optimizing the desktop layout and icons, but also optimizing the touch control for games. The speed of mobile aiming for chicken-eating games has increased by 21.6%, and MOBA games are mobile. The response speed has been increased by 16.2%, making it easier for players to operate killing enemies and various subtle operations. Intelligent assistant (providing multi-scenario active intelligent services starting from seven modules), ultra-clear visual effects (optimizing video playback, and significantly improving the quality of short video), privacy and security (avoiding fraud), etc. have also been fully upgraded, echoing the " Wisdom without borders" theme. ColorOS7.0: The evolution of the concept of borderless, the system is fully optimized Starting from ColorOS7.0, the ColorOS system began to "release nature" on the basis of 6.0. The theme of "light and borderless" has upgraded its borderless design situation again, whether it is Icons or wallpapers are softer, giving users a very light and dynamic feeling. In addition, the pioneering UIFirst fully optimizes the system, the application startup speed and system resource utilization efficiency have been fully improved, the use process is smoother, and image editing is also more convenient. ColorOS11: Customized Exclusive System, More Personal Creativity On September 24, 2020, the ColorOS system once again made an iterative digital leap, presenting the theme of "creating borderless", and the ColorOS system also entered the third era— - Create your own time. In this version our system can be created by ourselves. Infinite breath screen: Provides a variety of different strokes and graphic styles, swiping the mobile phone can generate the user's favorite breath screen screen, and the text, content, color, etc. in the screen can be customized and displayed. Inspiration wallpaper: When setting the picture in the album as the wallpaper, the inspiration wallpaper allows the system to extract the main color of the picture, and automatically generate creative wallpapers in seven styles including simple, abstract, and Chinese style through algorithms. Quantum Animation Engine 2.0: Simulate real physical movement through animation detail compensation, the operation is more intuitive, and the interaction is more flexible. Whether it is daily social apps or games, it is very smooth. In addition, there are 1000+ experience optimizations, panoramic light effects, multi-screen interconnection, etc., to give users the most complete "creation" experience, and truly open up another stage of the ColorOS system. ColorOS12: Freedom without borders, from the comfort of the eyes to the heart On September 16, 2021, ColorOS12 with the theme of "freedom without borders" was finally unveiled under the spotlight. Acrylic icons have light and shadow quality, noise reduction, cross-screen interconnection, more refined quantum animation, and safer privacy protection, not only for the comfort of the eyes, but also the comfort of the heart. The biggest highlight is OPPO's first Omoji. Users can choose their favorite characters as avatars according to their own preferences. Whether it is from the look, color matching, hairstyle or accessories, and even the small details of the wink, they are very similar to the original. Users can use this function to increase the sense of fun when recording video or video with others, and also increase the sense of interaction of the mobile phone. Different from the theme positioning of the borderless series, ColorOS13 sets the theme as "all things aquatic", obviously to make the system show more inspirational vitality without losing the due sense of fluidity. And there are more breakthroughs in the fluency of the system, as smooth as water, and inclusive of all things. ColorOS13: All things in the water, open, symbiotic, and prosperous ColorOS13, as a key guest this year, has made the most powerful upgrade and optimization in history, bringing ColorOS into the fourth stage - the integration of all things. Its theme is "All things aquatic", inspired by the vitality, fluidity and inclusiveness of "water", based on which to create a smooth, dynamic and inclusive UI and animation. The smart experience is the most eye-catching point of this update. The system has transformed from a single-point high-efficiency capability to a one-stop smart experience, bringing intimate and smart experiences in multiple scenarios such as life, meetings, health, and one-stop travel. At the same time, there are more Perfect cross-screen interconnection of everything. On ColorOS13, the cross-screen interconnection has ushered in two important upgrades, namely cross-screen calling (an incoming call on the mobile phone can be prompted and answered on the PC side, and cross-terminal mutual transfer (the mobile phone and tablet can directly share files without connection). , there are other three major upgrades, which make the user experience full. Aquatic design: integrates natural visual language, builds a complete system level logic, the new vision can better reflect who's agility, warmth heals people's hearts, and it is also very smooth and simple ;Comprehensive and smooth: The innovation of performance and animation brings a comprehensive and smooth experience. From single-point intelligent tuning to intelligent scheduling system for computer frame structure systems, to achieve the best balance between high performance and low power consumption. Security and privacy : ColorOS further enhances user privacy security, more refined third-party application life cycle security management and control, and adds an automatic coding function. After opening, the recognized avatars and nicknames will be blurred and coded, and long screenshots will be supported. code, protect the security and privacy of users from the inside out. The Omoji on the ColorOS12 system will also continue to be used. On the ColorOS13, Omoji has added professional elements, the image of relatives, etc., which is closer to life and convenient for users to use. And in Douyin , Kuaishou, WeChat, QQ and other apps can also virtualize faces in real time. Whether it is the previous ColorOS1.0 to ColorOS12, or the now updated and optimized ColorOS13, OPPO has always insisted on fully opening its own capabilities and exploring rich and diverse The form of the device, and the interaction method of the integration of all things. In general, ColorOS13 has the advantages of all previous ColorOS system versions, and it is more suitable for our daily life, which is worth looking forward to.

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