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XFX and AMD debut at 2022 ChinaJoy, and the 6000 series graphics card award is waiting for you

Posting time:2022-12-06 01:31:54

XFX and AMD debut at 2022 ChinaJoy, and the 6000 series graphics card award is waiting for you

Every summer vacation, ChinaJoy will come as scheduled, exhibiting many new games. Of course, playing games also requires the assistance of game equipment, so many hardware manufacturers will also participate in the exhibition. This exhibition is different from the past in that it is an online exhibition. It will be held in the digital world of MetaCJ from August 27th to September 2nd, 2022. Using the new technology of the Metaverse, players around the world can stay at home and move freely. Get an immersive viewing experience and participate in a variety of online activities at your fingertips. In the Meta CJ metaverse digital world, with the main city of Meta CJ as the center, there are six theme exhibition areas with different characteristics. Different from the long journey when visiting the offline exhibition, here, players can easily switch between various exhibition areas through devices such as "portal" or "human cannon". AMD's exhibition hall is located in the "Hardware Trend Zone", and XFX, an AMD AIB manufacturer, also made a collective appearance with AMD to showcase the latest game graphics cards. At the exhibition, XFX showed its latest RX 6750XT graphics card. The hardware specification of this graphics card uses Navi22 core, with 12GB GDDR6 192bit video memory, 2560 stream processors, 64 ROPs units and 160 texture units. The configuration is quite similar tough. The XFX RX 6750XT overseas version of the OC adopts a continuation of the family-style design in appearance. The low-key appearance and connotation have become the inherent cognition of this series of graphics cards. The front is an all-aluminum alloy cover. Two 90mm + one 100mm cooling fans almost fill the huge cover, and each fan is surrounded by a white circle, I have to say that it looks quite "bluffing" from the front. In terms of interfaces, the XFX RX 6750 XT overseas version of the OC is equipped with 3 DP 1.4 interfaces and 1 HDMI 2.1 interface, which can output 4K 144Hz video signals at full output. It can be used to play large-scale games. game effect. The XFX RX 6750XT overseas version OC can be regarded as the official overclocked version of the RX 6700XT graphics card. The core frequency, memory frequency and Boost frequency have reached 2554 / 2250 / 2623 MHz respectively, of which the core frequency and Boost frequency are respectively improved on the basis of the public version RX6700XT. 130MHz and 42MHz. The equivalent speed of video memory has been increased to 18Gbps, and the bandwidth of video memory is 431.6GB/s. The performance of video memory has been improved significantly, which is of great help to game entertainment or productivity. The improvement of video memory performance has made its actual experience a higher level. In terms of performance, this graphics card is quite good, with 2K resolution + default high/ultra-high image quality + anti-aliasing turned on, as long as the light chase is not turned on, this graphics card Generally, it can run most 3A games at a stable 60 frames to meet the needs of gamers. In terms of productivity, thanks to the encoding and decoding capabilities of this graphics card, which are at the upstream level in the AMD family, batch processing of pictures, 4K material editing and playback fluency are all without problems. A proper productivity tool is called Wenwu. Double full. Of course, in the MetaCJ AMD exhibition hall, players can not only get the shocking visual impact brought by the exhibition, but also AMD has prepared a wealth of activities and prizes for the players who come to the exhibition. If you actively participate, you will have the opportunity to get this XFX RX 6750XT overseas version of the OC graphics card to help you play the ultimate game. In addition, from August 27th to September 2nd, 7 development days, there are 10 6000 series graphics cards prepared by AMD Radeon graphics card partners as the ultimate prize, and many AMD peripheral gifts are waiting for you to receive. To participate, iOS users can search for "MetaCJ" in the AppStore to download the APP; Android users can search for "MetaCJ" in major app stores to download the APP; PC users can click on the MetaCJ official page to download the client, after registration and login, you can enter CJ Plus At the exhibition, find any human cannon around the birth point, click to send it to the AMD exhibition hall. Here, you can interact with NPCs and learn about the activities of the exhibition hall. The entire AMD exhibition hall is divided into two floors, and each corner can be freely explored. The first floor of the exhibition hall is the product display area, where you can visit AMD's latest Ryzen processors, Radeon graphics cards, and notebooks equipped with AMD platforms. During the exhibition on the second floor of the exhibition hall, AMD's three major themed activities will be released in the form of live broadcasts. Participating in the live broadcast activities can also get more prizes. There will be a lottery session in this exhibition. [Event 1: Daily Exhibitor Tasks]: Complete CJ’s daily exhibitor tasks to get a voucher, click [Go to Redeem] to jump to the GAME ON AMD event page, and upload the voucher code, i.e. You can get a chance to win a big turntable lottery; [Event 2: Easter Egg Screenshots Event]: There are "Easter Eggs" hidden in many videos in the AMD exhibition hall, find them and upload the screenshots on the GAME ON AMD event page to get a lottery chance; [Event 3: Complete any task]: Complete any task on the GAME ON AMD event page to get a chance to draw a lottery, and you will have a chance to win rich prizes such as 6000XT series graphics cards, AMD peripheral products, Jingdou and so on. In addition, visit the AMD Meta CJ exhibition hall, take a photo with any AMD product and take a screenshot, post on Weibo with the topic #GameOnAMD# + @AMDChina to participate in the event, and surprise gifts are waiting for you! AMD debuted at CJ Plus, ushering in a new era of Metaverse. Using advanced rendering technology, a stylish and cool interactive exhibition hall rose up in the exhibition area, full of mysterious atmosphere, which complemented the mysterious future wind of Meta CJ Metaverse digital world. , complement each other, from August 27th to September 2nd, meet at the AMD exhibition hall, and more content is waiting for you to explore.

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