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"Salute" to Huawei's high-end machines? China Mobile launched a thousand yuan machine, starting at only 1799 yuan

Posting time:2022-12-06 02:20:49

"Salute" to Huawei's high-end machines? China Mobile launched a thousand yuan machine, starting at only 1799 yuan

Huawei’s smartphone business has been seriously affected in the past two years due to the revision of rules such as chips. Originally, Huawei’s mobile phone share was the first in China and the second in the world, but now it has fallen to the ranks of “others”. Data released by a third party shows that Huawei’s mobile phone share Shipments in the first half of the year were only 11 million units. Because of the lack of chips, Huawei can only reduce the frequency of releasing new products. As a last resort, Huawei also sold the Honor mobile phone brand, and also divested its channel cooperation series models such as Changxiang and Maimang. Only in this way can Huawei's The "blood" continues. Judging from the current situation, Huawei's divestiture of the brand is indeed the right step. The Honor brand has returned to the forefront of the domestic market, Maimang has also been revitalized by China Telecom, and the launched models have become Huawei's smart products. In addition, Huawei has also cooperated with China Unicom to sell Youchangxiang brand models. The NZONE brand models created by China Mobile have also become Huawei's smart products. Although the Huawei brand has limited models for sale, through the "curve" plan, Huawei seems to have revitalized the consumer-oriented mobile phone business, and it has also rekindled hope for Huawei's dealers and suppliers who had been hit by a huge crisis. Now China Mobile's NZONE brand has brought a brand new Huawei smart model, the NZONE 50 Pro. The interesting thing about this phone is that the design is borrowed from the Huawei Mate 40 series. The rear mirror group of the machine adopts an axially symmetrical Vientiane star ring design, which has the feeling of paying tribute to the Huawei Mate series. It looks like Huawei Mate 40 and is sold in Huawei's smart channel. It is quite interesting. I believe it will get some consumers who support Huawei. Shop now! Back to the product, the front of the NZONE 50 Pro is a 6.7-inch hole-punch screen with a resolution of 2388 X 1080. This screen supports a 90Hz refresh rate and a 270Hz touch sampling rate. The frame is only 1.05mm, and the screen ratio reaches 94.15. %. In terms of core configuration, the NZONE 50 Pro is equipped with the MediaTek Dimensity 700 processor, which adopts a 7nm process, and its performance is not excellent, which is suitable for consumers who do not have high requirements for mobile phones. The mobile phone is equipped with a rear 50-megapixel main camera + 2-megapixel depth of field + 2-megapixel macro lens, a 16-megapixel front camera, a built-in 5000mAh battery, and supports 40W fast charging. Overall, it is relatively common, and the price/performance ratio is not high. In fact, the NZONE 50 Pro is almost the same as the Changxiang 50 Pro launched by Huawei some time ago. It is completely a core-changing version. The back of the Huawei Enjoy 50 Pro is also very similar to the Huawei Mate 40, but the processor is replaced by the Snapdragon 680. In other configurations, Huawei Enjoy 50 Pro and NZONE 50 Pro are exactly the same, with a high probability of being a model produced by a production line, the only difference is the processor. However, it should be noted that Huawei Enjoy 50 Pro is only a 4G mobile phone, while NZONE 50 Pro is a product that supports dual-mode 5G. If you are more concerned about 5G, then consider the NZONE 50 Pro launched by China Mobile. Although Huawei Changxiang 50 Pro is a 4G mobile phone, it also has its own advantages, that is, running Huawei's self-developed Hongmeng OS system, the smoothness and smart connection of the mobile phone are more advantageous. If you want to experience the Hongmeng system, then choose Changxiang 50 Pro. In general, the NZONE 50 Pro is an in-depth customized model jointly developed by Huawei and China Mobile. Huawei acts as a "reseller" to distribute customized models launched by operators, which is also a new business model. In the past, mobile phone manufacturers usually launched customized models for operators, and then let operators sell them. Huawei's approach was to let operators launch products for themselves to sell. This model effectively alleviated Huawei's lack of chips. So would you consider buying a Huawei smartphone? Welcome to comment, like, share, and talk about your views.

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