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Wuji also launched a mini computer, Shangwei V4, with dual network ports, priced at 1099 yuan

Posting time:2022-12-06 01:59:33

Wuji also launched a mini computer, Shangwei V4, with dual network ports, priced at 1099 yuan

Since last year, the popularity of mini computers has gradually increased. First, it is because of its small size and occupies a small table area. Second, it is also because of its low price, which reduces procurement costs. Therefore, many brands have also grown in popularity, such as Taipower and so on. As a popular DIY brand, Wuji has finally launched a mini computer, JiaoShangwei V4, priced at 1099 yuan. Shangwei V4 uses Celeron N5095 processor, 4 cores, 4 threads, 15W power consumption, low price, but not high performance. In the CPU sub-item of Master Lu, the score is 110,000 points, which is far lower than the current mainstream PC processor score and can handle basic office operations. Although the price is low, its configuration is still very complete, as well as 8GB of memory, 256GB NVME SSD. When it is powered on, it will start up by itself, eliminating the need to start the process. In addition to USB, audio, and microphone ports, there are also full-featured Type-C, HDMI, DP interfaces, COM interfaces, Micro SD card readers, and dual 2.5G network card interfaces, which are connected to the intranet and extranet at the same time. point. Its M.2 SSDs can be replaced, but not retrofitted. The memory can add a memory module to support 16GB DDR4 2666 memory. It features dual-band WiFi, as well as Bluetooth for extended connectivity. Built-in small fan to improve heat dissipation efficiency. Comes with a 3-year warranty and comes with Windows 10 pre-installed. In fact, when this Celeron low-voltage processor was just launched, it is estimated that Intel also thought that it should be placed behind the TV or under the touch screen in the store for certain control, but I did not expect that the demand for mini PCs is still very large. Indeed, although its performance is lacking, it can still do the job for online learning, working from home, business meetings, playing movies, or as an HTPC. The current performance is like this, maybe AMD will also pay attention to this market, when the performance will be greatly improved. However, the price of the current product is really not high, and it also provides a 3-year warranty. If you are interested, you can find out.

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