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Kioxia is sampling consumer-grade embedded flash memory products compliant with the new JEDEC eMMC Ver 5.1 standard

Posting time:2022-12-06 02:39:56

Kioxia is sampling consumer-grade embedded flash memory products compliant with the new JEDEC eMMC Ver 5.1 standard

Kioxia USA, Inc. today announced sampling of its latest generation of embedded flash memory products for the consumer market, compliant with the JEDEC eMMC Ver 5.1 standard. Even if the parameters of UFS are more compelling, as the demand for mid-range storage capacity for devices such as tablets and the Internet of Things continues to grow, Kioxia has also launched a new generation of eMMC products in a timely manner. It is reported that, as an industry-leading supplier of consumer applications/removable storage products, Kioxia has been actively supporting e-MMC solutions since 2007, and became a follow-up solution for e-MMC with higher price in early 2013 (UFS) supplier. Today, Kioxia's e-MMC and UFS solutions have been widely used, covering various storage densities from 4GB to 1TB. The new mid-range capacity products released today not only provide 64/128GB capacity options, but also integrate flash memory + master control in a single package. The following are the main features of the new consumer-grade e-MMC based on the latest generation BiCS FLASH 3D flash memory: ● Improved architecture to reduce internal write amplification and achieve more stable continuous write performance. ● Pre-programmed user data for higher reliability before customer manufacturing process/send reflow. ● The time from idle to automatic sleep is reduced by 100×6 compared with the previous generation, which helps to prolong battery life. ● Achieve faster performance by accessing multiple dies within the device. ● Supports the JEDEC eMMC 5.1 standard (HS400) for faster interface rates. Scott Beekman, vice president of storage business at Kioxia North America, said: "With the introduction of next-generation e-MMC devices, Kioxia can strengthen its market leadership by offering a broad line of high-performance products. Going forward, Kioxia will continue to provide full support for various applications based on e-MMC embedded memory solutions. The company is currently sampling next-generation e-MMC storage products, which are expected to be generally available in October this year.

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