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OPPO Developers Conference opens: IoT business has achieved high growth of over 120% in all categories in 3 years

Posting time:2022-12-06 01:20:48

OPPO Developers Conference opens: IoT business has achieved high growth of over 120% in all categories in 3 years

On August 30th, the two-day 2022 OPPO Developer Conference opened. The theme of this year's conference is "Abundant Spirit, Walking Along the Way", sharing the platform capabilities, technical services and latest practices of OPPO's integration of software and hardware around the intelligent life of the integration of all things. On the opening day of the main forum, Li Kaixin, Assistant Vice President of OPPO and President of IoT Business Group, delivered a keynote speech on "Breaking Barriers and Building a Smarter Life", sharing the transcript of the high growth in sales of OPPO IoT terminals, and by aggregating OPPO's core technical capabilities and improving OPPO Open platform empowerment system, and jointly build IoT ecological development plans for four smart scenarios with industry partners. Over 120% high growth in various categories in 3 years, focusing on four scenarios to build an ecological layout Thanks to the ultimate pursuit of technology and user experience, OPPO IoT terminal sales have covered more than 50 countries and regions in 3 years, and all categories have been completed. At least 120% high growth. Among them, audio products have broken through the industry with excellent sound quality and noise reduction performance. In 2021, the global sales of wireless earphones will exceed 10 million; wearable devices continue to raise the Android camp’s full smart watch experience ceiling, and the OPPO Watch 3 series will be on sale for 36 minutes. Sales surpassed that of the previous generation in the first day, showing exponential growth; OPPO tablet series products achieved the top five domestic Android tablets in the second quarter of 2022 after only half a year of product launch; AIoT ecosystem continued to flourish, reaching nearly 100 million active users , nearly 300 million installed capacity, more than 1000+ product models; OPPO smart TV achieved more than 290% growth. Driven by the four smart scenarios of smart entertainment, smart production, smart learning, and smart health, OPPO creates the ultimate and brisk user experience with self-developed entry-level terminal products, and creates seamless smart integration with leading three-party brands in vertical categories. Experience, based on the AIoT platform to expand the ecological selection in line with OPPO's value proposition, and complete the multi-circle layout of the OPPO IoT ecosystem. In the future, we will continue to work with industry partners to create the ultimate product and the ultimate scene experience for users. Aggregate OPPO's technical capability system to break down three major barriers to build an open and inter-integrated ecosystem With the proliferation of smart devices and the accelerated process of inter-integration of all things, the inter-integration experience between different products, systems, and brands has become a core issue for consumers. By aggregating the ubiquitous connectivity capabilities of the Pantanal system, OPPO IoT realizes the multi-terminal linkage and multi-modal interaction linkage of products across scenarios, and integrates the products of partner manufacturers with OPPO's core entrance equipment, improving the overall improvement. user experience. In response to the problems of complex distribution network and slow connection speed caused by terminal devices of different brands and different protocols, OPPO has achieved system discovery, fast connection, simple, fast and stable discovery and connection to the distribution network. By opening up the underlying technology, it has realized the full compatibility of various device protocols such as AP hotspot, local area network, Bluetooth, etc. The accuracy rate of device discovery has reached more than 92%, and the connection speed is less than 10 seconds. Compared with the traditional connection method in the industry, The speed is more than twice as fast, which greatly improves the user experience. Backed by 500 million ColorOS users, OPPO will also work with industry partners to break the triple barriers under the guidance of four smart scenarios in the future, to achieve the diversification of core import products, the interconnection of different system camps, and the full-scene coverage of ecological products. Create an open, symbiotic, and co-prosperous ecosystem for the integration of all things. The main forum event on August 30 has officially ended. At the IoT ecological sub-forum, which opens at 10:00 on the 31st, it will focus on the four scenarios of smart entertainment, smart learning, smart production, and smart health, and a smart home space. Share the theme and explore the beautiful and intelligent life in the era of the integration of all things with you, so stay tuned!

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