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Invest RMB 100 million! BYD sets up new semiconductor company in Chengdu

Posting time:2022-12-06 00:10:10

Invest RMB 100 million! BYD sets up new semiconductor company in Chengdu

On August 31, CNMO learned that BYD invested RMB 100 million to set up a new semiconductor company in Chengdu. According to the BYD Qichacha APP, on August 30, 2022, Chengdu BYD Semiconductor Co., Ltd. was established. The legal representative of the new company is Chen Gang, with a registered capital of 100 million yuan; it belongs to the computer, communication and other electronic equipment manufacturing industries. BYD's 100 million yuan new semiconductor company, Chengdu BYD Semiconductor Co., Ltd.'s business scope includes: integrated circuit design; integrated circuit manufacturing; integrated circuit sales; semiconductor discrete device manufacturing; semiconductor discrete device sales; semiconductor lighting device manufacturing; semiconductor lighting device sales, etc. . In addition, the company's equity penetration shows that the company is indirectly jointly held by BYD and others. As a leader in the field of new energy vehicles, BYD has attracted much attention. Since the beginning of the year in 2022, BYD's sales have continued to rise, and its products have been loved by many consumers. Not only that, BYD also attaches great importance to green and low-carbon production. CNMO learned that in July this year, BYD Auto sold 162,530 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 183.1%; this year's cumulative sales have also exceeded the 800,000 mark. On August 29, BYD announced its semi-annual report for the first half of this year. Data show that in the first half of this year, BYD achieved operating income of 150.607 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 65.71%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 3.595 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 206.35%.

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