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OPPO officially released the Pantanal system to realize the integration of all things across systems and devices

Posting time:2022-12-06 02:21:09

OPPO officially released the Pantanal system to realize the integration of all things across systems and devices

On August 30, OPPO held the 2022 OPPO Developer Conference. In addition to the Android 13-based ColorOS 13 operating system, it also released another blockbuster smart cross-end system, Pantanal. What is the Pantanal? Pantanal is an intelligent cross-end system developed by OPPO, oriented towards the integration of all things, and centered on people. Pantanal can expand the intelligent cross-end capabilities of ColorOS as an operating system. Through the integrated computing and ubiquitous service capabilities of device-cloud collaboration, Pantanal aims to realize the intelligent collaboration of multiple devices, systems and services centered on people, create a new experience for users with unbounded devices and direct services, and help developers Reduce the development threshold and cost, and help the prosperity and development of the digital industrial ecology. Pantanal can break the differences and limitations between devices and systems under the premise of respecting the diversity of users' choices, so that different devices can be truly connected, and users can experience a more convenient connection experience. Through the user's situational awareness, the device-cloud collaborative computing is driven to achieve better "service flow with people" and "direct service". What can the Pantanal do? The first is the ability of intelligent interconnection. Pantanal can shield the differences between different devices and different communication protocols, provide a unified connection framework interface, and provide a unified, stable and reliable far and near field connection transmission solution in a multi-device environment. Build a highly trusted environment for resource fusion of heterogeneous devices. As long as you log in to the same OPPO account on your device, no matter how far the device is, you can connect directly. The connection steps are also very simple. The sensorless connection experience is excellent, and it can work across systems and devices, making collaborative operations more efficient. . There is also a more efficient operation method for office collaboration. Users only need to swipe up on their mobile phones to choose to transfer documents to other devices around them. Tasks on the mobile phone can be easily transferred to work on the tablet. Based on the end-cloud file system, the documents on the tablet can also be accessed remotely on the notebook, and the access experience across devices is consistent. In terms of leisure and entertainment experience, the news broadcast function can be automatically turned on ten minutes before the user gets up to after getting up, and the favorite music will also be selected according to the user's preference. When approaching the express station, the watch will receive the pickup code information of the package to be picked up. After entering the shopping mall or restaurant, the device will automatically recommend popular restaurants, and after making an appointment, it will display the queuing situation in real time, the store's preferential group purchase package and other information. When traveling, users can use the tablet to view the scenery captured by mobile phones, drones, and car cameras during the trip, and can also complete editing with one click on one device, easily completing a Vlog, and avoid uploading videos on various devices. The tedious operations brought by uploading each other. Pantanal can also push the vehicle information only when the vehicle is far away, and only push the navigation information with precise positioning when the distance is less than 1 km, to help users find the car faster. It is not limited to mobile phones. When you raise your hand to look at the watch, the agreed vehicle and map navigation will also be sent to the smart watch. It can also intelligently sense the scene, recognize the user's train and plane travel orders, automatically provide the destination epidemic prevention policy query service, and automatically open the health code according to the user's geographic range, making daily travel more worry-free. OPPO also cooperated with car companies to create a smart car space, allowing services to flow seamlessly between mobile phones and car machines. For example, the navigation on the mobile phone is seamlessly transferred to the car screen, and the mobile phone's computing power is integrated by calling the car camera to bring an immersive AR navigation experience. It can also convert address information in messages into service recommendation cards based on context awareness, making the navigation experience easier and smarter. In addition, the co-pilot and other seats can also enjoy the services of the car machine. If there is a video call during the trip, just "swipe up" to transfer the call to the co-pilot screen. It can be said that Pantanal is a great chess game for OPPO to realize the mutual integration of all things. In the next few years, I believe we will see more ecological partners and developers join it to build an abundance of openness, co-prosperity and symbiosis. ecology.

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