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ColorOS 13 is officially released, and aquatic design brings a comprehensive upgrade of visual language

Posting time:2022-12-06 02:06:22

ColorOS 13 is officially released, and aquatic design brings a comprehensive upgrade of visual language

On August 30th, the OPPO Developer Conference 2022 was officially held, with the theme of "Abundant Minds Walk All the Way", and officially released the ColorOS 13 system and the future-oriented smart cross-end system "Pantanar". In this article, we will focus on on ColorOS 13. The new ColorOS 13 brings upgrades in four aspects: aquatic design, fluency, smart experience and security and privacy. First, the aquatic design integrates the natural visual language and draws inspiration from nature, bringing “sunrise blue” and The new color system with "sunset orange" as the origin, the icon adopts simpler design elements and higher contrast, making it more dynamic and easier to identify visually. In addition, there are also water animation effects, which integrate the characteristics of water such as water surface ripples and light and shadow flow into the system animation effects, bringing new animation effects such as ripples and fusion. For example, when the mobile phone is being charged, the particle absorption dynamic effect next to the charging symbol is like water droplets being absorbed into the mobile phone. The second aspect is the fluency of the system. ColorOS 13 brings OPPO’s self-developed system-level computing center: the ColorOS supercomputing platform, which realizes instruction-level scheduling of chips through computing power models and parallel computing. According to official measurements, after the OPPO Find X5 Pro is upgraded to ColorOS 13, the overall performance is increased by 10%, and the battery life is increased by 4.7%, achieving a balance between high performance and low power consumption. ColorOS 13 not only brings the smoothness of the system, but also works hard on dynamic effects. The new quantum animation engine 4.0 optimizes 61 dynamic effects, and adds behavior judgment, which can recognize complex gestures, respond to user operations in a timely manner, with For more intuitive and smooth motion. The third aspect is the experience of smart integration. The smart screen of ColorOS 13 not only adds more art albums, but also adds more practical functions, such as takeaway delivery information, car-hailing distance information, music playlists, etc. All of them can be presented in real time in the form of cards in the off-screen state, avoiding the troublesome steps of repeatedly brightening the screen to view. There is also an intelligent meeting assistant, which supports importing the schedules of apps such as Dingding and Feishu into the calendar that comes with the system with one click, and intelligently recognizes the meeting link and joins the meeting with one click; you can use the new smart sorting function of minutes in the meeting. , automatically record the screenshots and notes of the meeting, which is convenient for review after the meeting. It can be seen that the multiple functions integrated by the intelligent meeting assistant of ColorOS 13 can greatly improve work efficiency, and also solve many pain points such as unable to find the meeting link and incomprehensible speech content. The last is security and privacy. ColorOS 13 has added an automatic coding function. The avatar and nickname can be recognized in the screenshots of chats on social software such as WeChat, and the coding is processed. I believe this is one of the functions that many users just need. , while sharing the wonderful, do not worry about leaking privacy; there are also functions such as smart shield, smart permission recommendation, malicious behavior blocking, etc., which further brings users a safer experience. Regarding the public beta plan of ColorOS 13, the first update models in August include Find X5, Find X5 Pro, Find N and OnePlus 10 Pro. More models can be expected to be updated later. I believe that after reading this article, everyone has a certain understanding of ColorOS 13. For me, the color system and dynamic effects brought by aquatic design are the points I pay more attention to, as well as functions such as ColorOS supercomputing platform and intelligent integration. All can further improve the experience of using the phone. Interested friends can pay attention to the information on the OPPO official website.

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