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The new iPhone makes fruit fans love and hate? If you want to play mobile games happily, you have to watch the Snapdragon 8+ flagship

Posting time:2022-12-06 00:29:43

The new iPhone makes fruit fans love and hate? If you want to play mobile games happily, you have to watch the Snapdragon 8+ flagship

Apple will hold this year's autumn new product launch conference at 1:00 am Beijing time on September 8. In the official announcement of this conference, the Apple Logo is surrounded by a dazzling galaxy, and with the text "super-forward", the full futuristic design and publicity theme can't help but make people look forward to next week's conference. For the iPhone, users love it and hate it. What they love is its system and ecological experience. Although the price is really expensive, it is undeniable that the experience of using it is still very comfortable. After all, Apple's in-depth ecological research for so many years has made the links between Apple system devices very close. What I hate is that the iPhone equipment has been upgraded like toothpaste over the years, and it is not as good as the domestic flagships in recent years in terms of entertainment alone. The game experience alone is enough to make many game parties grit their teeth. First of all, the heat dissipation of the iPhone cannot satisfy its powerful CPU. After playing for a while, it will heat up and reduce the brightness, and the situation of killing the background is too frequent. Friends who use iPhone to play games must have encountered it. During the game, they switched to WeChat to reply to a message, and then switched back to the game and were forced to restart. From reconnecting to the network, or being killed directly in the background, this kind of operation is extremely unfriendly to us entertainment parties. Although the iPhone has its processor and ecological advantages, the current domestic flagships are not bad, and they are already more than one step ahead of Apple in many aspects. And this year, the mobile phone market has continued to be involuted, and manufacturers have also tried their best to please consumers. After all, no matter how well a product is made, it will be useless if consumers do not pay. Take the game experience as an example, many mobile game players now think that the Android flagship is the most comfortable to play games. After all, the advantages of the Android flagship in terms of memory, heat dissipation, frame rate and battery life are not verbal, but real. beyond. Take the OnePlus Ace Pro, which I have been paying more attention to recently, as an example. As a mobile phone with obvious directivity, it is equipped with a Snapdragon 8+ processor + full blood version, LPDDR5 + overclocked version UFS3.1, the starting price of 3499, 12+ The configuration starting from 256GB and up to 16GB is definitely not to be missed for friends who pursue hard-core high performance. The OnePlus Ace Pro also performs very well in gaming. The Android camp launched the League of Legends mobile game in 120-frame mode, with an eight-channel full-through VC strong cooling system and 16GB of large memory, which greatly improved the game experience. With the blessing of large memory, there was almost no background killing phenomenon. It is also the designated machine for Peace Elite and the second League of Legends mobile game professional league in 2022. In the recent Peace Elite PEL Summer Games, professional players use it very smoothly and smoothly. And it supports the longevity version of 150W super flash charging, which makes the battery more durable and ensures the charging speed without generating power anxiety. OnePlus Ace Pro also has a good experience in terms of appearance and performance, and other configurations are also full of sincerity. Large memory, high cost performance, and smooth use for several years have no problem. Compared with the iPhone 14, the price is lower, but it has a better experience in many aspects. For most of us ordinary users, what is right for us is the most important. In my opinion, instead of paying a high price to buy the iPhone 14, it is better to buy a more cost-effective domestic flagship mobile phone.

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