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News丨iPhone14 Pro purple real phone; Huawei's new product official announcement; Tencent game handheld exposure

Posting time:2022-12-06 02:54:21

News丨iPhone14 Pro purple real phone; Huawei's new product official announcement; Tencent game handheld exposure

  • It is rumored that the iPhone 14 Pro camera and charger will usher in an upgrade
Today it is reported that the ultra-wide-angle camera of the two models of the iPhone 14 Pro version will be upgraded. Upgraded to 1.4µm and will natively support 30W charging power. Ming-Chi Kuo issued a document saying that the unit pixel size of the iPhone 14 Pro series will be upgraded to 1.4μm, and the unit price of its camera parts will increase significantly. The unit price of CIS (image sensor), VCM (voice coil motor) and CCM (camera module) will increase respectively It is about 70%, 45% and 40%, and the price increase of other parts is limited. In addition, it is reported that the iPhone 14 Pro series may natively support 30W charging power, but the data cable provided is still a Lightning interface. (Source: IT House)
  • iPhone 14 Pro purple real phone exposure
Recently, the iPhone 14 Pro series new color gradient purple real phone exposure. The video shows that the purple color of the iPhone 14 Pro is darker, and the body appears different purples under different angles of sunlight. (Source: Sina Technology)
  • Samsung Galaxy S23 / S23 + will only upgrade the chip
@Ice universe revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S23 / S23 + The design is the same as the previous generation, and it uses the same screen, the same camera, and the battery is expected to be the same as the previous generation. This means that the Samsung Galaxy S23 / S23+ is almost unchanged, only the processor has been upgraded to Snapdragon 8 Gen2. (Source: IT House)
  • The new Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 will popularize the 1-inch super outsole
@Digital Chat Station issued a document saying that in addition to In addition to Xiaomi, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 models of other manufacturers will also use the Sony IMX989 processor with a 1-inch super outsole, and will appear on mobile phones in the 4-5K price range. Previously, Xiaomi Lei Jun said that the Sony IMX989 is "co-developed by Xiaomi and Sony", and the Xiaomi Mi 12S Ultra is the first to be mass-produced and released, and will be open to domestic counterparts in the future. (Source: IT House)
  • ASUS ROG 6 official announcement
ASUS official announcement, ROG 6 Dimensity Extreme Edition will be released on September 19 It will be officially released today, and the phone will be equipped with Dimensity 9000+, bringing Android's strongest performance and supreme gaming experience. According to reports, the Asus ROG gaming phone 6 Dimensity Extreme Edition will use a 165Hz high-brush Samsung direct screen, a Sony IMX766 outsole main camera, and support a 65W fast charge + 6000mAh battery solution. (Source: IT House)
  • Visionox released the first flexible AMOLED pocket curly projection screen
Visionox issued a document saying that it launched the industry’s first Flexible AMOLED pocket curl projection screen, the screen storage shape is only 25mm × 160.5mm, and the curl radius is only 10mm, only the size of a highlighter, easy to carry. According to the official introduction, when the display screen is unfolded, it can be transformed into a 12.3-inch screen, which can be connected to mobile phones and other devices for display, but in actual use, it should be used with devices such as tripods, and the portability may be affected. influences. At present, the screen has not been mass-produced, and Visionox has not introduced more details such as its power supply scheme and resolution. (Source: NeochaEDGE)
  • Tencent cloud gaming handheld device exposure
Previously, Logitech G officially announced that it has reached a cooperation with Tencent Games, and will The cloud gaming handheld was launched this year. The appearance of the handheld is exposed today. The machine will use a white body, an asymmetric joystick design, a grip that fits the palm and a dedicated G key. From the picture, the grip, trigger and other parts of Tencent's cloud gaming handheld use non-slip texture; there are switches, volume keys, interfaces, etc. on the top; from the front display of the system interface, it can be seen that the handheld will be able to access Google Play, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Nvidia GeForce NOW, Steam, Chrome, YouTube, etc. In addition, it is reported that the handheld uses the Android system, mainly cloud games, and the configuration is relatively low. (Source: IT House)
  • Huawei Home Storage Device Official Announcement
Huawei Terminal’s official Weibo release poster, the official announcement will launch Huawei home storage device The device will be released at Huawei's autumn conference on September 7. It is reported that Huawei Home Storage is Huawei's first NAS device, with pictures and videos, and the function of touching NFC pairing with a mobile phone, which will provide a more secure data storage environment and privacy protection than cloud disks. (Source: NeochaEDGE)

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