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Sony's new Xperia 5 IV overheats causing camera crash

Posting time:2023-02-02 00:57:43

Sony's new Xperia 5 IV overheats causing camera crash

The global launch of Sony Xperia's new product Xperia 5 IV was successfully held on September 1. The new Sony micro-single mobile phone Xperia 5 IV was unveiled and released, priced at about RMB 7,254. Today, blogger @sina digital broke the news that the Sony Xperia 5 IV was released yesterday, and foreign media commented on it. The Xperia 5 IV has an advanced 3.5mm headphone jack, long battery life, and wireless charging. The shortcomings are also obvious. The heat problem of the Snapdragon 8Gen1 has not been improved. The heat camera will occasionally turn off or the screen refresh rate will drop to 60Hz. The front of the Sony Xperia 5 IV uses a 21:9 6.1-inch 120Hz OLED screen that supports FHD+ resolution, real-time HDR, etc., combined with the new structure of the front dual speakers and 3.5mm audio interface, this configuration brings users High-quality audio and video experience. It is worth noting that the battery life of the Sony Xperia 5 IV is very good. The battery capacity of this phone is 5000 mAh, and it supports 30W wired fast charging, wireless fast charging and reverse charging. Sony officially claims that it only takes 30 minutes to charge the battery to 50%, but in fact, the comparison between the 30W fast charge and the fast charge of domestic brands is too much. The Sony Xperia 5 IV is powered by the Snapdragon 8Gen1 processor. The biggest disadvantage of this processor is the heat problem. On this new Sony phone, not only did the Snapdragon 8 Gen1's heating problem not improve, but the camera occasionally turned off or the screen refresh rate dropped to 60Hz because of the phone's heat. The Sony Xperia 5 IV will be released in China as soon as October. Facing the many advantages of the new machine, will you mind the shortcoming of heat?

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